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How well has Cavendish University embraced online mode of learning during Covid-19

With scholarships drying up, travel restrictions, and new visa rules, the pandemic has jeopardized the dreams of millions of students looking to study abroad. To deal with such unpredictable situations, many prestigious universities have moved their degree courses online. Even, long before when on-campus education was considered as the most effective way of learning, online education became very popular and the tide began to shift among certain top universities where degree contents were shared online. Now the question arises “can eLearning or distance learning compensate for campus experience”? Yes, of course. And the Cavendish university of Uganda has successfully set an example.

A team of NCHE officials visited Cavendish University Uganda (CUU) on 30th July 2020 to inspect and ascertain whether CUU is prepared to offer eLearning services to its continuing and prospective students. Their inspection rolled out on various fronts including compliance to Ministry of Health COVID-19 guidelines, distance or e-learning policy framework, staff adequacy, pedagogical-technological framework, student engagement, examinations, and legal compliance. And guess what? CUU has become one of the very first University in the country to be officially permitted to offer online teaching and learning by the officials.

Cavendish University Uganda is one of the few universities in Uganda that did not shut down during the COVID-19 lockdown on account of its advanced learning management systems and remote working technology across a spectrum of functions. After the announcement of the closure of all educational institutions, CUU complied and proceeded to facilitate most of its previous on-campus students to adapt to the new mode of eLearning. The Distance Learning office is enhanced. Staff are trained and are provided with the necessary tools and skills for remote working, teaching, and learning.

NCHE’s inspectional visit to CUU is more like an opportunity to demonstrate its capabilities, leadership and systematic plans for digital education. And the approval is a milestone where CUU can position itself of becoming a model university in Africa that has the capability to deliver quality digital education transforming students into responsible, educated, employable and entrepreneurial citizens.

Howhas the sudden shiftof CUUtoonline learningplatformhas improved the livesof students?

  • Theyare able to reviewlectures instantly

A student’s mind always keeps on wandering during a lecture. But with CUU’sonlinemode oflearning, they are now able to review the missed-out lectures instantly, either by rewinding the audio or video or by reading the transcript that accompanies the lecture.

  • Through online learning, students are feelingless intimidated

Many students who used to lack confidence in speaking up in public during the classroom environment, are finding it easier to share their thoughts with others with CUU’S mode of eLearning.

  • Online mode of education has given students an easy access to expertise

CUU’sonlinemode of education is giving students access to specialize indegree coursesthat are usually not available in any other university. Not just the students ofUganda, but teachers, through the Cavendish University’sonlinedegreeclasses, are now able to share expertise across the world helping more people to have access to education. CUU has grown in such type of education over the last few years and has experienced mainstream acceptance. With an online class, candidates of CUU are now able to control their learning environment, which ultimately is helping them develop a deeper understanding of their degree course. With new models of eLearning springing up in the market each time, students are benefitted with varied opportunities to shape up their career into something that fits them.

If you are someone who is in dire need of an opportunity to restart your career with the degree you had once started and left without even completing it, then CUU’s is the perfect place to chase your incomplete dream. Among all the otheronline universities in Uganda, with CUU, you are sure to find the future ofonline degreeeducation very much promising as they follow a unique student-centric model of teaching that includes innovative, active-participatory, practical learning, projects, and case studies.

  • CUU’s eLearning or distancelearningisprovidingmuchflexibilityin terms of learning schedule

On-campus students in general undergo in-person lectures for hours. While not all eLearning programs are built the same, a prestigious university like CUU, is making use of other affective forms of active learning to help students understand easily. In other words, a CUU student through eLearning is now able to experience the first half of a lesson one day, and the other half the next day. This is actually becoming helpful for those who don’t enjoy sitting in one place for too long.

This well-known university has come up with such a platform to help students who have difficulty attending traditional classes for various reasons. The latest study techniques, study materials, and highly qualified professionals that the university is offering is giving people the opportunity to study away from the classroom without interrupting their day to day activities. On-Campus education will never go away, neither will distance learning. But with CUU’s online enrollment increasing every year, it looks like itsonline learningis making its mark, causing students to give more importance to flexibility and effective learning. Call up at +256 414531700 and be a part of such effective eLearning during this COVID-19.

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