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Common Myths About Commercial Carpet Cleaning

A lot of people seem to believe that cleaning a carpet is so easy and that anyone can do it. What they do not know is the process involved in not just cleaning the carpet, but also in preserving its fibre and quality.

In our years of service as one of the best carpet cleaners in London, we have had first-hand experiences on the ideas and misconceptions people seem to have about carpet cleaning. Sadly, these myths and misconceptions do not clean your carpet as much as you think; instead, they do more damage than good.

Below are some common myths people have about commercial carpet cleaning, and how they damage your carpets.

  • I can clean my carpet using a rented machine and not through the services of a carpet cleaning company

    The one mistake that certain people make is to believe that they do not need the expert services of a carpet cleaning company. They even go further by renting a machine and believe they can clean the carpet themselves. Cleaning a carpet goes beyond soaking them up with water and shampoo. There are chemicals and solvents involved in commercial carpet cleaning.

    To begin with, carpet cleaning does not have to involve so much water. It can affect the drying time, and other issues may arise from that. When you choose to hire a carpet cleaning machine and do the cleaning yourself, you can damage the fibres of your carpet. How does this happen? With a carpet cleaning machine, so much water is used during cleaning. This is not the problem, however, as the main problem lies in getting that much water out of the carpet. The longer your carpet takes to dry, the easier it is susceptible to damage in the form of mould and mildew.

    Furthermore, using these machines means you would also have to use certain commercial stain removers and cleaning solutions. Most of these solutions are harsh and can effectively damage the fibre of your carpet. In fact, it has been proven that most of these solutions remove the colour from most carpets.

    To avoid this, hand your carpets over to commercial carpet cleaners like us. Our methods and tools effectively remove the dirt from your carpet and at the same time, protects it from damage.
  • I don’t have to clean my carpets until they look dirty

    This is another myth that is damaging to your carpet’s fibres and quality. Some people believe that as long as their carpet is still under a year, or as long as it still looks clean, then there is no need to clean it. Without a doubt, this is a terrible decision to make. Even without looking dirty, your carpets could be hiding tons of dirt and grime as they are exposed to particles, activities, and dust on a daily basis.

    The more these sediments and diet are allowed to linger, the more they cling to the fibres of the carpet when they are stepped on. By the time your carpets begin to show physical signs of being dirty, it would have already been too late. Cleaning the carpet at this point would require more work, and this translates to more stress on the carpet. Eventually, the carpet begins to experience wear and tear in different places, giving rise to holes in them.

    A word of advice, do not wait for your carpet to look dirty before handing them over to carpet cleaners to be cleaned. At intervals, your carpets should be handed to commercial carpet cleaners like us for cleaning. This will go a long way to preserve their quality and fibres.
  • I only need to sprinkle carpet deodoriser to keep my carpet fresh

    Sprinkle-on deodorisers are a common household product for carpets. What most people do not know is that it is not a very good option, especially if you want your carpets lasting longer and looking better. While sprinkle-on deodoriser will keep your carpets dry and fresh, they can also damage your carpets in the long run, especially if you use them often enough.

    This is due to the presence of talcum powders in these products. The talcum powder clings to your carpet at each application, and accumulate over time as no amount of vacuuming will remove them completely. When they are eventually cleaned, they form a paste as they are insoluble in water. This leaves spots on the carpet after cleaning.


You do not have to worry about the state of your carpets when you hand them over for professional carpet cleaning. From the proper washing and cleaning to drying and deodorising, you can be sure to get this and more when you hire the professionals. To protect the fibre and maximise your carpet’s lifespan today by hiring a professional company for carpet cleaning.

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