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Contact Lenses or Spectacles – Which one to choose and why?

Should I opt for the eyeglasses because of their ease of use? Can I wear contact lenses in daily routine?

When it comes to making a choice between contact lenses and spectacles, most of us get confused. This is one of the most debated upon and discussed upon choice in the world of people that have to deal with eye problems. Though the contact lenses seem to be a better option at the first look, for they keep your aesthetics the same, the choice is not so easy to make. You should make the final choice only after considering all the factors, such as:

  • Budget
  • Aesthetics
  • Comfort
  • Convenience
  • Lifestyle habits

Only after carefully considering all these things, you can take your pick. Actually, the efficiency of eyeglasses and contact lenses totally depends upon the people themselves. Each one comes with its own pros and cons in terms of ease-of-use, health, and vision. One just can’t say that the eyeglasses are better than Contact Lenses or vice versa. Therefore, to all the lovely ‘speckies’ out there, we have compiled this post with all the relevant information on lenses and spectacles. You can also find the pros and cons of eyeglasses and contact lenses to make your best pick effortlessly.

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Eye Glasses vs Contact Lenses:

  1. The people that love their eyeglasses say that the eyeglasses come with a lot of benefits such as they require very little maintenance; they are easy to clean; they don’t actually touch your eyes and thus don’t cause any eye infections as well. The eyeglasses are cheaper than the contact lenses, and they don’t need frequent replacement until the frames are broken or loose or the lenses get damaged.
  2. If you are opting for the spectacles, only because of budget concerns, then reconsider your choice. Lenses don’t necessarily come at a high price. You can also buy them using smart savings options online. These coupons are available in site-wide as well as selective categories. You can also buy the cleaning and storage essentials for your contact lenses at reduced rates.
  3. Another one of the most crucial characteristics of the eyeglasses as that they can actually control the amount of light entering your eyes. Hence they provide you with a comfortable vision. You can also opt for the Photochromic lenses that are transparent when used indoors and get dark in colour when exposed to the sunlight. Hence, they offer a comfortable and clear vision in any kind of ambient light.
  4. Many people favouring contact lenses argue that contact lenses can also block some UV light. But, the photochromic eyeglasses can block 100% UV light and protect the eyes as well as eyelids from all kinds of harmful rays.
  5. Eyeglasses also allow you to add a style element. You can find many unique and attractive frame styles and lens shapes to change your facial aesthetics. You can also choose the lens shape from a large number of options. There are many websites like Lenskart that even allow you to upload your photo and try the frame that you are planning to buy. And, of course, you can find lots of Lenskart coupons to save big on all kinds of fashion-forward frames.
  6. Now coming to the advantages of the contact lenses, the very first and the best one is that the contact lenses directly sit on your eyes. This means that you can have a perfect vision with the contact lenses, especially when it comes to the peripheral vision; it is completely unobstructed.
  7. Contact lenses allow you to participate in various outdoor activities such as sports etc. without having to worry about the eyeglasses getting in your way or falling down, leading to breaking of lenses or frames.
  8. Apart from that, the contact lenses also offer a good aesthetic value as you can achieve any kind of eye colour with the contact lenses.’

Having heard both the sides and understood their premise, let’s move on to understand the various pros and cons of eyeglasses as well as contact lenses.

Pros and Cons of Eyeglasses:

  • Eyeglasses act as complete protection against the eye-infections and eye irritation that might be caused due to the frequent touching of the eyes.
  • They are better for people with dry or sensitive eyes.
  • Eyeglasses are cheaper than the contact lenses and come with a long life. They don’t require frequent replacement.
  • In case your number increases over time, the only thing that you have to do is change the lenses and use the same frame.
  • You can customise your frame and choose from hundreds of thousands of Styles available online as well as offline. So you can make your spectacles a fashion statement as well.
  • Eyeglasses can distort your peripheral vision.
  • When people start wearing the eyeglasses, they find it difficult to focus on the object and complain about the blurry vision.
  • If your frames are tight, they can exert a constant pressure behind your ears and nose, leading to severe headache and general discomfort.
  • Eyeglasses will reduce your vision when used in certain natural environments such as fog, rains, and winters.
  • Extremely thick lenses make your appearance bad.

Pros and Cons of the Contact lenses:

  • The contact lenses allow you a perfect vision and don’t distort the peripheral vision as well.
  • The lenses can be worn at all times, even while doing outdoor activities.
  • Contact lenses can make your dry eyes even drier.
  • Contact lenses require a lot of maintenance and require frequent changes as well.
  • The vision doesn’t get affected by weather conditions when you are wearing contact lenses.

Now that you have gone through all these facts, we hope you make the right choice!

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