How to convert GroupWise to Outlook – Complete Guide

For best and accurate results users should opt professional way like Weeom GroupWise to Outlook Converter Tool.

Migrating the data to a reliable emailing platform is obvious for the users. GroupWise is a messaging and collaboration platform, and it perfectly supports the emails, calendars, messages and other data of the users. Now, since Outlook PST has been launched, every user is willing to convert GroupWise to Outlook quickly. It is mandatory for the users as the PST file format keeps the security of user’s data and makes sure that users can access their data anytime.

If users are willing to begin with the GroupWise to Outlook converter procedure, they are asked to choose the methods carefully. The procedure is a bit difficult for the users, so they have landed on to correct page to get all the essential information about the task. Go through the whole blog for more information.

What are the reasons for GroupWise to PST converter?

If users want to proceed with this conversion process, they must know about the reason behind this conversion process. There are a lot of regular users of Outlook PST on a regular basis, especially huge organisations. Every day, businesses have a lot of data to store, and for that, they want to go with a trustworthy emailing platform.

GroupWise is the old email client that people used earlier, but now everyone trusts Outlook. However, most of the users are well aware of it but those who are using Outlook for the first time can go through the reason mentioned behind.

  • The GroupWise mailbox requires maintenance charges, whereas with Outlook, users do not have to maintain anything.
  • The Outlook PST file is movable, and users can access their PST file from anywhere, anytime and through any device. It is a boon for many organisations as some of them work remotely, so they will be able to check their data whenever they want.
  • GroupWise is very difficult to handle, and it requires technical knowledge. At the same time, Outlook is easy to handle as it has a very user’s centric interface that makes their work easy.
  • The PST file allows users to set the password for their data so that only users will be able to access their data whenever they want.

What are the different procedures to convert GroupWise to Outlook?

Now, if users want to begin with this conversion process, they are asked to choose the correct method for the procedure. However, the professional tool is the only way to commence the task, as it will provide facility to the users. Before beginning the task, users must be very sure about the tool they are going to opt for, as users must choose the correct tool for the task.

There are ample tools that offer free service to the users, but this can be harmful to user’s data. These free tools can ruin users’ data or can misplace them permanently. Therefore, for that, users are asked to rely on a trustworthy tool. Below, we are sharing the picture-perfect tool for users to convert GroupWise to Outlook quickly.

Which is the best tool for the task

To begin the task, users are asked to try the Weeom GroupWise to Outlook converter tool as it is one of the reliable tools. If users begin the task with the mentioned tool, they can rest assured that the tool will provide security to data. It is accessible to users around the world. One can run the task whenever they want, as it is available 24/7.

The tool will guide the users through the whole task so one must go with this tool for the conversion process.

The tool has some unique features, so here we are sharing the features of the tool.

  • The tool can easily convert GroupWise to Outlook without consuming much time.
  • The software can easily split the resultant PST files in the preferred size.
  • There is a preview option so that users can preview the data before the final conversion process.
  • This utility synchronised with all the versions of UNICODE and ANSI file types.
  • It can save the data in various file formats.
  • The tool can convert multiple mailboxes in a single go.
  • There is no size restriction, so that users can add a file of any size.
  • The tool has a very user’s friendly interface that will make the whole procedure very easy going.
  • After the procedure is completed, the tool will generate the full report of the task.


Now that users want to begin with this conversion process are asked to go with the mentioned tool. It will finish the whole task successfully and will assure users of the proper security of their data. We have shared features of the tool, so go through the above content to get all the related updates. Users can download the free demo version of the tool and go through the features of the tool in detail.

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