Corporate Event Planning: Checklist and Guide 2024

Corporate events are organized keeping in mind business goals and motives. Corporate events directly impact your company’s brand. Therefore, it’s important to maintain a checklist when planning corporate events management. There are several benefits of maintaining a checklist- it eliminates chances of chaos in the last minute and helps you remain organized throughout as well as makes sure you don’t miss any important detail. In this blog, you will find everything you are looking for to plan a successful corporate event.

Can Corporate events benefits your business ?

  • It motivates your employees- attending events once in a while will boost their energy. They can relax, know their coworkers better, and come back the next day with newfound enthusiasm and productivity.
  • It’s a great way of promoting brand- events increases brand awareness, bigtime. Basically, events will get people talking about your company. Also, it will bolster your social media presence.
  • Events are for celebrating your wins- it’s important to acknowledge the growth and improvement of your company. Planning corporate events is a way of celebrating your business wins, and makes your employees feel like they are a major part of the experience.
  • Ensures employee retention- happy employees are likely to stay in your company for longer periods, thus strengthening the team further.

What Ideal checklist must include :

  • A fixed Goal- Before planning any corporate events, you should have a fixed goal in mind. Be clear in your mind and decide exactly what you want to achieve with the event, only then you may proceed with the other steps of planning.
  • Event Size and Event Duration- Decide the number of attendees of your corporate event. How many people are invited will directly influence the cost of the event. Also, if the number of attendees is large, you will need a larger venue to incorporate everything comfortably. Then comes planning event duration. The length of your event is again linked to the event goal. Conferences generally last two to three days while promotional or celebratory events last only a few hours.
  • Event Budget- Deciding how much money to spend on an event is not an easy task. So, you need to set a budget first. Necessary components of a corporate event are- venue, food, technology, and entertainment. All these come at high prices. Think about what really matters and cut down unnecessary costs so that the whole event is executed within budget.
  • Venue- Choose a venue that suits your guest count, requirements, event tone, and the theme of your corporate event.
  • Speaker- Elect the key speakers for your event. Speakers are responsible for setting the overall tone of the event. They engage audiences and also entertain them. Make sure your appointment with speakers has been confirmed at least one week prior to the event.
  • Marketing- Promotion and marketing are crucial parts of corporate event planning. Promotions are what attracts your audiences. You can add assets and promotional materials which the speakers, attendees and partners can share on their social media platforms as a marketing strategy.
  • Event technology- You need to find the perfect event management software for your virtual corporate events such as webinars. Choose the right event management software that will suit your event’s purpose. There are plenty of management software available in the marketing. Mobile event apps and event networking tools are some of the best options.
  • Invitation- Invite your attendees as early as possible so that you can send follow-ups or last-minute updates to them later. You can physically invite all the guests and invite them through emails as well as social media channels.
  • Menu- Deciding the menu is an important part of event planning. You can hire a caterer and cook and discuss the preferred food items, snacks, and beverages likely to be served to each of the attendees. Also make the smart choice of using reusable and eco-friendly materials instead of using plastics containers.
  • Event contingency plan- Prepare for any unfortunate circumstances that may arise during the time of the event with an event contingency plan. It’s important that you have a back up plan for each area of your corporate event, such as a back up speaker, or a back up caterer. Prepare for all types of adversity you might have to face. It could be raining heavily that day or your vendor could back out at the eleventh hour.
  • Trial- Make sure you do a trial run to address any technical issues and prep better for the big day. Also check with the speakers to see if they have all the necessary information in hand.

Plan the perfect corporate event with Digitrock

Planning a successful corporate event can be a tiring and multi-dimensional task. It requires exceptional strategy making skills and coordinating capabilities. The best solution is to leave it in the hands of professionals. Digitrock is a popular corporate event planning company who will curate the best event servicing solutions for you. We do the work so that you can enjoy your big day to the fullest.

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