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How Much Does It Cost To Develop eLearning Mobile Apps?

With millions of ventures propelling over the outturns of digital mobility, the dominance of mobile app technology is what no one can ignore at this point. Regardless of considering conventional ups & downs in the competitive industry, the majority of leading appreneurs are currently embracing excellent growth with better brand recognition & wider customer reach in their respective businesses. The education industry is one of the early adopters of mobile app technology as more & more educational institutions and businesses are arriving with eLearning mobile apps to link a wide community of learners, tutors, counselors, universities, & other entities associated with this specific industry.

How E-learning Apps are Empowering the Education Industry?

Right from students to reputed scholars, tech learners, entrance exam aspirations, & anyone who wants to attend digital classes & coaching can use e-learning mobile apps like Byju’s, Vedantu, Toppr, Unacademy, Coursera, etc. for getting better learning opportunities with broader exposure to interactive sessions. Apart from perceiving from a learner’s view, mobile app development is also a fruitful investment for businesses that target educational institutions, universities, schools, teachers/tutors, training/coaching centers, etc.

No doubt, educational apps are simplifying the teaching process not only for tech-savvy users but also for those who’re new to the online mode of imparting lessons to their students. On the other hand, attending live classes introduces manifold learning opportunities to the students who are fond of learning online.

As per Statista’s report, the education industry spends over USD 90 billion bucks on e-learning facilities provided by the global businesses, and this expense is projected to reach beyond USD 120 billion by the end of 2024. Therefore, it is quite clear that e-learning mobile apps will continue its dominance for the upcoming years. 

Some Must-have Features of eLearning Mobile Apps

User Profile & Login

Students, tutors, admins, parents, & other users in the category must create a profile by adding their basic details & demographic information to get started with an e-learning app. 

When it comes to user profiles, each customer will be categorized as a tutor/teacher/counselor, student/learner, & parents or administration. This will let your system mark & differentiate b/w the interests of each user so that you can serve personalized facilities to every subscriber. The strategy for e-learning mobile app development must be centered on users’ preferences & expectations from your online education portal or app.

Multi-user Support 

Most e-learning apps are integrated with the multi-user login feature to let two or more people access the app’s content on different devices. In other words, a group of users can switch to this app at the same on the same device or the shared one.

Push Notifications For The App

By sending push notifications, e-learning mobile app users will stay updated to their scheduled classes, newly added courses or program details, results, uploaded resources, & other updates related to their services.

Review and Rating 

For instance, whenever a user joins online lectures, he/she would be able to rate & share their experience after completing the session. Users can add their ratings & feedback once they use your e-learning app on the app stores. This will not only encourage customer loyalty with the existing clients but also bring in new clients towards your services or apps.

More Interesting Features of Popular eLearning Mobile Apps

Access To in-app Camera Feature

E-learning is all about seamless interaction b/w teachers & their students attending online classes. Hence, camera accessibility is a core feature of every e-learning mobile app that allows both end-users to connect & interact without facing any lags & interruption.

By using the in-app camera feature, tutors would be able to pre-record lectures or videos & upload them for their students. In this way, both students & teachers share & check assignments, homework, projects, & other important resources for studies.  Most e-learning apps enable access to a camera for the submission of assignments & doubts clarification from the student’s end. 

Parental control feature

Even guardians can access the records of their pupil’s progress report on these e-learning apps. They can even schedule online meetings with the tutors to get their feedback regarding the performance of their children. 

Mobile app development for online education allows students to get in touch with their teachers whenever they want to. They can freely ask questions or get their queries resolved via in-app chatting, voice calls, video conferences, & other added features. 

Multiple Options for Subscription Payments

One can easily pay for subscribing to the desired course & learning program with multiple payment options available on an e-learning app. Users can pay through debit cards, digital wallets, credit cards, & other secure & simplified payment options.

Cost of Mobile App Development For e-Learning  

The cost of developing an e-learning mobile app varies from company to company. A freelancer would charge you lesser than a full-scale mobile app development service provider but the quality is not assured. Moreover, the team of developers, tools & technologies used, features & functionalities required, & other factors affect the cost of building an online education app.

The charges would range between 25k USD-28K USD for iOS& 20K USD-23k USD for Android app development.

Ending Notes 

Now it is quite clear that the costs of e-learning mobile app development depend on various factors including technologies & resources used. In addition to this, the evolution of technology also plays a major role in varying charges of building an app. Therefore, one must hire a reliable mobile app development company to get an app that will make a change in the online learning environment!

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