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Crack the SSC CHSL Exam by Following These Simple Hacks

The SSC CHSL Exam is conducted for recruiting eligible candidates for various posts in several ministries and departments of the Government of India. There are various posts like sorting assistants, data entry operators, postal assistants, lower divisional clerks, and more. There are three tiers in the recruitment process of the SSC CHSL exam. You can learn about the exam pattern by attempting the SSC CHSL previous year papers, it will help you to gain insights into the actual exam.

To get selected in the recruitment drive, the candidates need to clear all the tiers. Candidates must have the latest and updated study material to prepare for the exam. There are a lot of SSC CHSL books available in the market, but you must know the book that you need to follow. You can take the help of your teachers or find the list of most important books for SSC CHSL preparation online.

With all this said, you need a well-planned preparation strategy to crack the exam. Let us now discuss some steps you can use for preparing for the exam smartly.

Go Through the Complete SSC CHSL Syllabus and Exam Pattern

You must be aware of the entire syllabus and exam pattern before you even start your exam preparation. You need to do this because only after knowing the complete syllabus you will be able to know what topics you are familiar with and will take less preparation time and what topics you think are tough and need more of your attention. The exam pattern will help you know the division of marks of each of the SSC CHSL section.

Divide the Important Topics

There are some topics from the syllabus that are very scoring. When you look at the exam pattern and solve the previous year’s papers you will get to know about them. Focus a little more on them and be thorough with those topics so that you can easily get the marks from questions asked from those topics.

Current affairs are Very Important in the SSC CHSL Exam

The current affairs topics are very important in the SSC CHSL exam and are one of the scoring topics. You must prepare for this section daily by reading newspapers and reading related articles. This section can fetch you good marks.

Utilize Previous Year Papers

The previous year’s papers were set by the SSC CHSL exam officials themselves. So, when you solve them, you get to know the type of questions that are asked in the exam and their difficulty levels. You also become aware of how long you take to complete the entire paper, if it exceeds the time given to solve the paper, you must keep practicing to improve your solving speed. You can make more use of the previous year’s papers, solve them frequently to keep improving your preparation. Every year there are some questions repeated from the previous year’s papers, you must consider this point too.

Focus more on scoring topics

The topics like Idioms/phrases, Antonyms, Synonyms, and One-Word Substitution are some simple topics that are very scoring. This will help you to boost your score. Therefore, clear all your basics of these topics.

These were some tips for helping you to prepare well for the CHSL exam. Let us look at some tips you can follow while you are giving the actual exam.

Know the CHSL cut-off

There will be many topics that you will find very difficult to solve in the exam. You can leave those topics if you know the cut-off. You can calculate where you can compensate the marks for that topic and move on with your preparation.

Tips to score well in the actual exam

Utilize your time wisely

The exam is conducted in a limited time. Use your time wisely to solve more questions accurately in less time. Have proper time management while attempting questions in the exam.

Carefully read all the questions before answering

When you sit for the exam, it is never smart to hurry. Take your time and read all the questions correctly to answer them correctly. Avoid rushing to solve the questions before completely understanding them.

Only use the shortcuts that you are comfortable with

Shortcuts can save time and help you easily solve a complex question. But if you are not comfortable in using any particular shortcut or are unsure about it, it is better to avoid it and follow the normal solution method so that you don’t answer incorrectly.

We hope that you found this article regarding SSC CHSL helpful. Follow the tips mentioned in the article and you will surely be able to crack the exam with ease.

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