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Deep Clean Your House Like A Professional

Are you tired of hiring a house cleaning company to make your house sparkle like brand new without burning a hole in your pocket? Well, for this you will need to type and search on the internet for “the best house cleaning services near me” and hire the company that is nominally priced and proffers quality house cleaning services. 

However, finding, hiring, and then working with a professional house cleaning company is not the only option for a gleaming clean house. Yes, you’ve read that right! If you want to get your house cleaned in the best possible way, then you need to do it on your own. It might take you a bit more time than professionals but once you get the hang of it; cleaning the house on your own will not be a problem at all. 

House Cleaning Tips: A Step By Step Guide

Keep in mind that when it comes to cleaning the house like a professional, you always need to have a well-organized plan in your mind. This will ensure that everything is being done systematically. If you think that you’re not cut out to carry out the whole project on your own; it is never too late to hire one of the best deep cleaning house services in Fairfax. 

Below we have compiled a list of few tips that you need to follow when you plan to clean the house on your own. Keep reading until the end of the article to get the most out of it. What else? Don’t forget to put on some music before you start to clean. It’ll not only boost your mood but also help in getting the job done faster and more efficiently. 

#1: Don’t Clean One Room At A Time 

One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of people make when cleaning their house is that they clean each room until moving on to the next one. They’ll dust, vacuum, and then mop one bedroom, then move on to the next one. So, until they’ve reached the living room, it’ll feel like they are stuck in an infinite loop of cleaning. This is why it is recommended that first you dust all the houses, then vacuum the floor, and in the end comes the mop. 

#2: Keep All Your Tools In A Caddy 

How would you feel if you need to look for tools for dusting, sweeping, and mopping? It will start to get annoying, right? Well, the best thing that you can do in order to avoid such an inconvenience is that you keep all the cleaning tools and equipment in a portable caddy or a tote. 

Remember, the caddy or the tote should be portable. This will eliminate the need for searching the tools in the first place. 

#3: Pick Up The Mess First 

Before you start to plan the house cleaning project, you need to pick up the big and visible mess from the floor, countertops, and furniture. Stuff such as shoes, magazines, games, dishes, and everything that is out of place should be kept where they belong. If you have stuff that is not needed anymore, you should consider throwing them away or donate them to someone needy.

#4: Dust First Vacuum Later 

Let’s suppose that you’re vacuuming before you even dusted the furniture or the tables. What would happen next? Now, when you start dusting, the floor will get dirty again and then you’ll have to vacuum it one more time. 

So, isn’t it better that you dust first and then vacuum the floors? Make sure that when you’re dusting, the ceiling, wall, or table fan is not turned on. 

#5: Disinfect The Hard Surfaces 

Every house of the world is worried about the Covid-19 situation and are looking for different ways to protect their families and themselves from it. When it comes to protecting your house from germs, bacteria, and viruses, you need to disinfect the house. 

Try to disinfect each and every surface of the house that your family can get their hands on. Buy a disinfectant from any superstore near you and start spraying. 

#6: Wipe The Mirrors 

Do you also like crystal clear mirrors? If yes, then you need to use a microfiber cloth that is slightly wet and sweep the mirrors from top to the bottom. However, if you cannot reach some areas of the mirror, you need to tie the cloth at the tip of a rod and then sweep it. 

If you think that cleaning mirrors are not your cup of tea, you can always search for house cleaning companies on HighFive Listings. It’s a business directory that has a list of different companies.  

#7: Clean The Tubs, Sinks, And Toilets 

Mix warm water, organic vinegar, and baking soda in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on the bathtubs, toilets, bathroom and kitchen sink, and let it sit there for a while. The mixture will start to dissolve the stains and the grease marks. 

Also make sure that the inside of the microwave, the greasy cabinet, and the cooking range is also cleaning with the same home-made cleaning agent. h

#8: Mopping Tips 

Always mop the floor till the farthest corner of the room and then sweep back towards yourself. Make sure that you do not mop yourself in the corner. What else? Clean the mop after covering an area of 6 x 6 feet. 

Tip: Pour some disinfecting solution while mopping the floors. 

#9: Don’t Stand Still When Vacuuming 

Tired of looking for the best house cleaning service in Fairfax VA for vacuuming the floors like a pro? Don’t worry, you can do it just like them too. You just need to keep moving around when you’re vacuuming the floors. Yes, you should not make a habit of standing in one place. 

#10: Clean The Cleaning Tools

Now that you’re done with cleaning the house, you now need to clean the tools for next time. Or else expect to add more time to the house cleaning project in the future. 

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