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Do I Need To Sleep For 8 Hours?

Doctors still have not agreed on how many hours of sleep a person needs in order to feel alert and look great in the appendage. Most often they say that you need to sleep for 8 hours. Someone claims that six hours is enough. It would seem that the difference is small – only two hours. However, as it turned out, these 120 minutes play an important role in the night “recharge”.

46-year-old Sarah Chalmers from the UK decided to experiment with sleep when she finally became disappointed in her reflection in the mirror. “I looked much older than my years. I constantly had circles under my eyes, enlarged pores, and some dark spots began to appear on my chin. I quickly got tired and was irritable, ”the woman quoted The Daily Mail as saying.

Sarah usually slept less than six hours a day. The purpose of the experiment was a phased change in sleep time. At the first stage, Sarah spent in bed no more than 4 hours from two in the morning until six in the morning, thus simulating the situation of late return from the party and early rise to work. According to Sarah, after four hours of recharging, she did not feel tired, but at the same time she did not feel that she was resting. “By three in the afternoon, I had a strange feeling, like a hangover,” the woman said.

At the second stage, Sarah slept for six or five and a half hours a day for a week. By the middle of the week, according to the woman, she felt some changes: she began to get tired faster and had more sweets for mental recharging.

The second medical examination at the end of this stage of the experiment showed that the emotional state did not improve, and skin problems only worsened.

Doctors explained it this way: “Due to lack of sleep, cortisol is produced – a stress hormone. Because of this, a person becomes more irritable. Lack of sleep also activates the sebaceous glands, which leads to skin problems. In addition, the lack of night rest stops the production of growth hormones responsible for the renewal of the body. “

At the last stage of the experiment, Sarah spent at least 8 hours in bed. The result was not long in coming. The final examination pleasantly surprised the woman. Sarah became not only less irritable, but also got rid of skin problems – she became smoother, and dark spots and redness decreased significantly. Also, she utilized the benefits of marijuana and her health levels gradually got better.

According to doctors, lack of sleep (less than 8 hours a day) can provoke not only stress, pigmentation, and redness of the skin but also more serious problems, including diabetes mellitus. The doctors also debunked the popular myth that the body can be fooled by the so-called “sleep hours,” when a person who has not slept all night compensates for this by daytime sleep. According to doctors, there’s no use in such rest.

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