Do sunglasses offer UV protection?

Sunglassesare a special form of eyewear for protecting the eyes. It is primarily designed to prevent the bright and powerful sunlight and also the visible light of higher energy from hurting and damaging the eyes.

In some cases, those can also function as a visual aid, just like the spectacles, featuring special lenses that are colored, darkened, or polarized.

The benefits of Sunglasses

  • Prevent Macular Degeneration: The problem of Macular Degeneration causes blurriness in vision and can also cause blindness. Sunglasses offer complete protection from this problem.
  • Reduce the Migrain: The harmful rays of the sun can easily trigger the problem of migraine pain, so sunglasses will also stop these problems from occurring.
  • Lower the risks of having cataracts: Cataracts are another problem that can lead to blindness. These cataracts can form due to the harmful rays of the s So, in those cases, sunglasses with UV-protected layers can easily reduce the risk of cataracts.
  • Protection from dust: The wind can blow sand and dust into your eyes, thus giving your eyes some unwanted problems. So, with the help of sunglasses, you can easily protect your eyes from those unwanted and harmful particles.
  • Clear vision: Choosing the right lenses while buying sunglasses, will help you to enhance the clarity of your vision, thus giving you the comfort which you deserve.

About sunglasses with UV protection

The amount of blocking the harmful UV rays is one of the main concerns when you are looking for a perfect pair of sunglasses for your eyes. Various studies show that long-term exposure to those UV rays may lead to multiple problems with your eyes. Actually, the UV rays are linked to problems like cataracts, macular degeneration, and also various retinal problems. So, it is better to always look for sunglasses that can offer you better protection from those harmful UV rays of the sun.

How much protection from the UV rays should the sunglasses have?

It is better to always look for those sunglasses that can block almost the full amount of UV radiation, like the UV400 sunglasses for men and women. Good pairs of sunglasses will be labeled clearly, but if you have any kind of, then it’s best to know from the seller.

How can you determine if your Sunglasses have proper UV protection?

To determine, if your sunglasses have proper UV protection you can perform these two tasks:

Using a UV flashlight

You can easily check if your sunglasses have UV protection with the help of a UV flashlight.

Test those at an eye care center

You can also seek help from the experts of a good eye care center to determine if your sunglasses have UV protection or not.

Different Types of Sunglasses for women and men

  • Cat Eye Sunglasses: These sunglasses come in both square and oval shapes and are best for women. These work the best for those faces which have a broader jawline.
  • Oversized Sunglasses: These sunglasses can easily cover a big part of your face and thus can easily transform an ordinary look into a fashion trend. It is perfect for women with any type of face shape.
  • Wayfarers: These are perfect for men. Wayfarers have durable frames with much thicker borders, and therefore are best for round-shaped faces.
  • Aviators: These are perfect for those men, whose face shapes are square or oval.

Therefore, sunglasses with UV protection are a perfect companion for healthy and protected eyes, and therefore you should do some proper research and make an informed decision before choosing your sunglasses.

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