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Drawing A Distinction between Inverter and Non-Inverter AC

The air conditioner has turned out to be a necessity for India, with summers getting hotter and hotter. There are two types of air conditioners: Inverter and Non-Inverter Air conditioners. Both of them have their pros and cons if comparisons are made. Since AC is a long-term investment, people make sure they buy the best AC in India at an affordable price.

The following differences are as follows:

1. Mechanism

  • Inverter AC: they have a different compressor motor unit running in their system. Inverter AC uses a controllable consumer unit. When the cooling compressor increases or decreases its output, the compressor can release more power if required.
  • Non-inverter AC: They are less advanced with a default compressor. This compressor cannot be controlled. Here the compressor either works on full power or not works at all.

2. Cost

  • The cost of non-inverter AC is cheaper compared to Inverter Air Conditioners. The inverter air conditioners are costly due to the technology used in functioning them.
  • If buying an Air Conditioner, be it a non-inverter or inverter isn’t affordable, one should opt to buy an air cooler, which performs the same function. They use different mechanisms, though. But while buying an air cooler, one must make sure to buy one of India’s best air coolers.

3. Efficiency

  • If one focuses on long-term investment while buying AC, then inverter AC is the best choice.
  • An inverter AC can save your electricity upto 30-40 %
  • Even though inverter Air conditioners are costlier to buy, they balance it out with a comparatively low electricity bill.
  • Non-Inverter AC is cheaper to buy. But they can consume large amounts of electricity.
  • Inverter AC does not constantly work on full power. Hence saves electricity.

4. Versatility

  • Inverter AC is more versatile when compared to non-inverter Ac as they use controllable compressor units.
  • It adjusts the temperature levels based on the sensors inbuilt in them.
  • Whereas non-inverter ACs use a default compressor and work on a fixed level of cooling power.

5. Quiet working

  • Since it works on low power, they are quieter when compared to non-inverters.
  • The noisy start and off heard in the non-inverters are not seen in inverter ACs.

6. Lifespan

  • The Inverter Air conditioners have a longer lifespan because of their efficiency and less power used.
  • The non-inverter Air conditioners have a very low lifespan.

7. Environment friendly

  • Inverter Air conditioners use refrigerants that are eco-friendly.
  • They can also run using solar panels, thus reducing the energy consumption and electricity bill.
  • Non-inverter AC can consume large amounts of energy.

8. Principle behind their working

  • Air Conditioner, be it inverter or non-inverter, works on the principle of circulating the inner air and making them cooler. In contrast, an air cooler sucks in fresh air from outside and releases cool air inside. Hence the air quality provided by air coolers is higher than Air Conditioners. Also, despite all these, the best air coolers in India are way cheaper than air conditioners.


The main function of air conditioners is to keep you and your house from the scorching heat of Indian summers. Both inverter and the non-inverter ACs have their pros and cons, and it is up to the consumer to choose based on their requirements.

One must ensure that they buy the best AC in India at an affordable price, and one must also know what is best for them. Just because inverter AC is better than non-inverter does not prove that it is the best choice. And it is advisable to choose wisely.

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