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Enhance your Sexual Performance by the Performance Anxiety Pills

Sex is an act that is likely to be enjoyed by a couple every time a couple gets intimate or want to renew their relationship. But it’s not always like one expects it to be. It is very complex and tough to have a fun sex-time when you are only worried about your sexual performance and want it to go well. By taking performance anxiety pills, you can remove the stress and nervousness to enjoy intimate time with your partner.

Sex is not just a physical response, but it is more than that. It is the emotions that are also responsible for a pleasurable time. And when your mind is stressed or depressed, it is difficult to get excited and stimulated. Satisfying your partner is a prime thing during intercourse, but worrying about performance can destroy everything.

Performance Anxiety Medicines for Males

If you are having a performance anxiety issue that is running intimate time with your partner, you can always consult a sexologist. Dr. Chirag Bhandari- a leading name in the list of best sexologists in India offers consultation over sexual disorders and issues. You can take expert guidance by him by visiting and getting online consultation through the Ohman online portal.

Ohman is working 24/7 to provide medication and drugs for treating male sexual disorders and issues. You can buy your ideal performance anxiety medicine on Ohman to improve your sexual performance easily.

Causes of Sexual Anxiety Seen in Males

There can be several reasons why people get anxious before they are about to perform intercourse. Both physical and psychological issues can lead to anxiety issues.

Causes of Sexual Anxiety Seen in Males
Causes of Sexual Anxiety Seen in Males

Here are the problems that can lead to anxiety issues:

  • Fear of not able to perform well during sexual intercourse and give pleasurable time to their partners.
  • Past guilt and stress
  • Poor communication between partners or relationship issues
  • Concern about getting ejaculation too early or too late ( premature or delayed ejaculation issues)
  • Anxiety about not being able to have an orgasm during sex.
  • Physical problems like body weight, low body images, etc.

Performance Anxiety Pills to treat Anxiety Issues in Males

Some medicines and drugs are meticulously designed to improve sexual stamina and remove anxiety issues from their minds. Here are some of the best medications that can help you improve your stress and anxiety during a sexual activity:

1. Beta Blocker

Beta Blocker
Beta Blocker

It is a unique drug available on Ohman that is used to block the effects of adrenaline- the hormone responsible for increasing the body’s fight-or-flight response when a person is stressed. This medicine slows down the heart rate and brings slight ease to your mind and body.

It is also helpful in relaxing the blood vessels for better blood flow which ultimately raises your sexual power.

With Ohman’s special offer you can get a free consultation by Dr. Chirag Bhandari when you buy Beta Bloker on Ohman.

Price: Rs. 450

2. Propranolol (10 Mg) Tablets

Another beta-blocker that can help you improve your performance anxiety is Propranolol. It does the same function as a beta-blocker by preventing the effects of adrenaline. It helps in lowering the heart rate and increases up when the heart squeezes.

Buy this medicine on Ohman and get a free online consultation with the best sexual health experts.

Price: Rs. 18

3. Ohman’s Performance Pack

Ohman’s Performance Pack
Ohman’s Performance Pack

This unique set of medication is only available on Ohamn- the online portal for Male Sexual Health and Wellness. The pack is designed to increase the overall sexual performance in a person. People looking for ways to get better, and firm erections can also buy the performance anxiety medicine set online.

The pack consists of:

  • Prescription based drugs
  • Sexual Health Supplements
  • Ohman’s Free Consultation

and an instruction guide on the dosage of medicines

4. Tadalafil (5 Mg)

One of the best medicines to improve sexual performance in males is Tadalafil. This performance anxiety medicine helps in relaxing the blood vessels and stimulate blood flow in the body.

One strip of Tadalafil consists of 10 tablets, and to observe positive results, one must continue it for more than 3 months.

Price: Rs. 155


The state of mind of an individual is very important during intercourse as it plays a major role in the process of arousal. Even if you are with a person who seems sexually appealing to you, getting stressed about how you’re going to perform can cause performance anxiety. Shop your ideal performance anxiety medicines on Ohman- a one-stop solution for men’s sexual issues and improve your performance and sexual endurance for satisfying sexual intercourse. Visit Ohman and buy your performance anxiety pills now.

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