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Everything You Need To Know About Bedpans And Urinals

Bedpans and Urinals, what are they?

Urinals and Bedpans are devices which are known to stimulate bowel movements or urinate during sleeping. Men use toilet bowls to induce movement, but they may prefer urinals when urinating. Women generally use bedpans for defecation and urination. Buying medical equipment online today is very convenient and reliable, so it is easy to obtain.

The use of a bedpan or urinal?

You can get it from medical online stores. Patients may have had any illness, surgery or injury that makes it difficult for them to walk. An individual needs to urinate and defecate regularly to avoid any other health issues. There might be a short time to urinate and the urge to do so. The caregiver needs to respond quickly to the toilet necessities of the bed ridden person.

The types of Urinals and Bedpans

Some are metal while some are hard plastic. And then there are special bedpans for those who can’t lift the butt. This can include people with a fractured body or pelvic fracture. Some of the urinals are for men and some are for women. Some of those are reusable and some are discarded after use. You can buy them at medical online stores at a much affordable cost.

Preparations for a person for using a bedpan

Preparation and collection of goods:

  • Warm water basin
  • Discardable gloves
  • paper towel
  • Towel or napkin

Rinse the pan with warm water and let it dry. Make sure the metal pan is not hot before placing it beneath the patient.

Apply baby powder around and on the tip to make the glide smoother.

Helping someone who can efficiently raise their butt for toilet use?

  • Wear disposable gloves.
  • Put a waterproof pillow under your hips to prevent a bed from spilling.
  • If your doctor allows, raising the head of the bed a little would help.
  • Support the patient’s waist with one hand. While with the other hand, place the folded corner of the bedspread under the patient’s hip.
  • Raise the top of the bed till the time the person is in a sitting position. Sitting in an upright position makes it easier to defecate or urinate.
  • If possible, provide that person with privacy.
  • When the patient is finished, lower the top of the bed.
  • Ask the person to raise the floor. Support the patient’s waist with a hand. Remove the bed linen with the other hand of yours.
  • Cover the board with a towel and place it on a chair.

How to help someone who can’t lift their hips to use the seat?

  • Wear disposable gloves.
  • Place a waterproof pad under the patient’s hip to prevent the bed from spilling.
  • Place the sheet on a person’s hip with one hand.
  • Put the board in place and gently roll the person over the bed.
  • Raise the head of the bed a little. Sitting upright makes it easier to defecate or urinate.
  • When the person is finished, lower the head of the bed.
  • Toilet bowl removal. Cover the pan with a towel and place it aside.

How do you clean a person after using the bedpan?

  • Gently roll the patient to the side.
  • First, wipe your hips with the help of a toilet paper.
  • Then clean the area with a damp cloth or wipe. If needed, you can use soap and plain water to wash the affected area well. If the patient is a woman, clean from front to back.
  • Pat Dry between the patient’s legs.
  • Check the skin for redness or inflammation. If necessary, use medicine for ulcers.

How can I help someone use urinals?

  • Wear discardable gloves.
  • Request the patient to place a urinal between the legs.
  • If needed, spread the person’s legs.
  • In male patients, the penis is inserted into the hole above the urinal.
  • Place the urinal, hold it gently while the patient urinates.
  • Once finished, remove the urinal very carefully.
  • Gently wipe the patient’s legs using a damp cloth. If the patient is a woman, clean from front to back.
  • Pat Dry between the patient’s legs.

Other Cleaning Needed

  • Provide a urinal or a towel to wash your hands post the urinal usage.
  • Take a toilet or urinal in the bathroom and lower it under the toilet.
  • Cleanse urinals with soap water and plain water.

If necessary, clean bed linen or urinals with a detergent like bleach. Request the healthcare and enquire about what disinfectant to use.

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