How Many Ways to Export Outlook Emails Attachments

Download Attachments From Outlook

If this question pops into your mind and you come to find its answer, we have elaborated on it here you just need to stick around this method and every problem will get away by itself.

Outlook does not give several options for exporting its data and most of the users face running out of storage problems because of the less usage. Outlook email attachments save can turn out to be a speed booster for many reasons.

We have listed out steps to solve your query with a broader view so you don’t need to wonder anywhere else from here without any further details, let’s deep dive into it:

Instant Export Outlook Emails Attachments

Outlook gives the option To export Outlook email attachments from your messages. Most of the users don’t know how to do it and we made it simple for you. we have aligned each step very clearly here, open your Outlook and do the same here listed or you can follow these steps:

  • Open Outlook and select the email that contains the attachment you want to export.
  • Open the email and locate the attachment you want to export.
  • Right-click on the attachment and select “Save As” or “Save All Attachments” from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose a location on your computer where you want to save the attachment and click “Save.”
  • If you want to export multiple attachments, you can select “Save All Attachments” and choose a location to save all the attachments at once.
  • Once the attachment is saved to your computer, you can access it from the location you saved it.

Alternatively, you can also forward the email with the attachment to another email address, which will also export the attachment to the recipient’s email inbox.

Export Outlook Emails Attachments Automatically

Users may easily and quickly save attachments from Outlook emails and other data items with the use of Revove’s PST Attachment Extractor. The program’s ability to extract attachments from OST, BAK, and MSG files in addition to PST files is its finest feature. Additionally, it may retrieve attachments in bulk mode from Outlook versions 2021, 2019 through 2016 through 2013 through 2010 through 2007, and lower.

Let’s find the Running Steps of this to Export Outlook Emails Attachments

  1. Start by downloading and running the program. Next, select the MS Outlook Default Storage Location Auto Locate option.
  2. To save the attachment, select the destination.
  3. Utilize the next wizard’s customizable filters, which include date filtering, naming standards, and the ability to extract attachments from certain data items.
  4. Using these choices will make it easier to remove attachments from emails in Outlook.
  5. Then, as seen in the image below, apply all of the advanced settings by only clicking the Extract button.
  6. Lastly, all of the extracted attachments will be stored in the specified folder directory.

Reasons to Export Outlook Emails Attachments

Save More Space

Attachments can take up significant storage space in your Outlook mailbox. By removing the packages and storing them one at a time, you can declutter your mailbox area and keep it from becoming overwhelmed.


Removing attachments gives you the possibility and greater access to documents without any problems, as you can store them on your PC or cloud storage carrier this can be especially useful in case you want to work offline on a file or with a percentage of it currently not accessing your Outlook account.

Prevent From Data Loss

Removing attachments can help protect against missing accounts, as it ensures that important documents are stored separately from your e-mail messages. This can be useful if you have inadvertently deleted or corrupted your Outlook emails. Don’t use large size of attachments in Outlook messages. Save your efforts and time for the next time

Boost Performance

Large attachments can slowly reduce the performance of your Outlook account, especially if you have a few emails with attachments. By removing the packages, you can improve your overall electronic mail account and make it more efficient to use.

Overall, removing attachments from Outlook email can help improve storage space, gain access, and share rights to files with greater effort. Protect you from data loss, to increase overall e-mail performance.

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In this article, you can learn to export Outlook emails attachments with the most sought-after solutions for free. Outlook users tend to download their attachments for many reasons and can find the right way to get it done. So we have taken this initiative to solve users’ queries and help them on a large platform.

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