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Factors Impacting Burleigh Pools Queensland

Even as temperatures rise, the desire to cool off increases exponentially. Swimming is ultimately the most popular mode to cool off. It is the perpetual activity which combines the enjoyment of sunshine with some excellent exercise.

A project for swimming pool installation needs several considerations. Such considerations include shape, size and material for the pool. Note that pools not only contribute much value to the home, they are magical spaces which provide outdoor entertainment, family fun as well as relaxing escapes.

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Pools can be of two kinds: in-ground or above ground pool. So, prior installation, pool type must be selected based on the needs and budget. Another factor for the kind of pool is the available space.

Note that in-ground pools need much less space than the other kind. At the same time, above ground pools are not only less costly but also are simpler to move.


Selecting the material for the pool can be a great challenge. There are some of the following factors:

  • Concrete Pools

They are popular but expensive. Besides the major flaw of high price, they can leak and crack, resulting in adhering of algae and similar stains.

But concrete is highly durable and strong. It is also simple to design and customise as per the needs of the family.

Concrete pools look simply stunning and take 3 to 12 weeks for installation. Though these are popular, they come in a range of prices. A low price may reflect on poor quality. Craftsmanship for making the pool is vital so the pool builder must come highly recommended.

  • Vinyl Pools

In this type, a piece of the flexible liner will be inserted into a hole, already prepared adhering to an aluminium or steel-framed wall at points of construction. With Vinyl, it is easy to get the customised and right size and shape. The swimming pool can be installed in 1 to 3 weeks. It can be re-installed every ten years, with various cool patterns.

  • Fibre Glass Pools

These are the most affordable when it comes to material, behind Vinyl. First, a hole is created, and then there is the insertion of a factory moulded shell. The non-porous and durable nature of fibreglass makes such pools low maintenance.

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Shape and Design

Getting a pool is a major decision. It must match external decor with regard to above ground pools and interior decor to in-ground pools. The following factors are crucial:

  • Space

The shape and size of your backyard will determine the design of the pool. The pool must not take up the whole space. The seating area, pool deck and cooking area may be required for barbecue nights.

  • Budget

How much you are willing to spend will determine the kind of design. More intricate and complex shapes will prove costly, while simple shapes and lines may be cheaper.

  • Who will use the pool?

In case the users of the pool are likely to use it for exercises like doing laps, the pool must be narrow and long. But if the pool is to be used by small kids, then a shallow L-shaped pool will be more suitable.

  • Landscaping and Pool Features

Concerning landscaping, it is good for the pool to fit in and complement the backyard. In case the pool is the first feature of the backyard, the landscaping must be designed around it.

Pools are also an integral part of the architecture of the home. Hence, slick and stylish features like fountains, ponds and waterfalls are features to consider with the pool. Also, some features like steps and handrails must be provided for persons with limited mobility.

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