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Five Simple Steps of Making Notes for TNPSC Group 4 Exam

Have you ever tried making notes and ended up writing a whole paragraph? Well, writing notes is not as difficult as deciding to prepare for the TNPSC Group 4 Exam. You yourself have taken a tough decision and now that you have taken a step forward to it, the notes making process will be handy and ready to consume study material. As this exam is highly competitive you must prepare notes. Check the TNPSC Group 4 Result to get a fair idea of the level of competency you are further going to collide with. So, Let’s learn Notes making process to make the study easy and fun.

Five Simple Steps of Making Notes for TNPSC Group 4 Exam

1. Gather Quality Material

You have plenty of notes and study materials to study but what you don’t know is the quality of content that you must find out before making notes. Try to limit your study materials and resources as references. Read and decide what needs to be included and what should be excluded. Your gathered material should be exam specific and not anything that may fall into the category. Understand that this step is the most important step as it will further break down. If things are not aligned here, you will end up creating a mess which will result in diversion from your goal. Being decisive is important here to make sure whatever you write is exam-oriented.

2. Find out Key terms

After you have gathered exam-specific material you further break it down into key terms. Key terms are the important words that make your sentence a meaningful sentence. A word that itself comprises the whole of a sentence. Try finding out those words and jot them down in points. You may also create symbols representing the words or use initials and follow an abbreviation pattern to remember the words and answers. This will help you in last minute revision during exams. You may also take reference of TNPSC Result Answer keys which will help you in finding out the key terms.

3. Organize your Material

Now that you have gathered and found out key terms, you can now move on to organizing the same. Organizing material means writing your notes in order without creating a fuss. There are few topics that are complicated to understand and this is where you need to organize them in a simple and understandable manner. Use flowcharts, diagrams, or any other way that you feel would be suitable for you to understand in your last-minute revision. You may also choose rhythmic patterns while writing. This step can also be considered as the most important step because if you fail to organize the material you will definitely end up losing your mind in studying it.

4. Review the Written notes

Reviewing the notes is where you find out the rectification in it. In this step, you are supposed to edit your written material if needed. There are times when you think the material is almost perfect but it turns out to be the cluttered one while reading. In return, it will waste your study time in aligning and organizing it properly. So, read twice before jumping on to the next topic. Reading efficiently can help you draft your notes and come up with the most reliable and perfect notes. Forgetting to review the notes will waste your time in the future while reading or using it as a reference.

5. Keep Additional Spaces

While making notes, only theoretical and current affair news available during writing can only be included but what if you need to add the upcoming current affair news relating to a particular topic? Also, if you find a relatable and valuable addition to your notes there will be no space for adding it. So, leave a few lines to add your upcoming news and related examples. If you have forgotten to leave space in your previous notes, you may stick an additional page or a piece of it to add updates in it. There are few candidates who maintain a separate book for updating this additional information but we suggest you have a book with all your updates at one place. This will ensure that you aren’t wasting your time in finding out the same topic in different books just for reference instead utilize it in maintaining all at one place.

Well, the above-listed steps will make your notes making the process easy. This will not only smoothen your learning process but will also help you for your future additions and references. Making notes has proved to be a boon to the candidates and so you should too go for it.

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