Five types of Lead Magnets that will Skyrocket your Email List Sign-up Rate

Lead Magnets fall under the category of highly underrated and underutilized marketing techniques, which can shoot up the biz in online platforms.

It’s not always possible to make all your audience sign-up and subscribe to the eMail updates but it’s possible to shoot up the sign-up rates with some simple and effective techniques. So,

Are you in search of an expanded audience base? Do you ever feel that your promotional efforts are not working as expected? Read on to find out the methods to build your email list sign up rate with the help of Lead Magnets.

#1 Usage of Infographics

Infographic is a great tool which can be used to create appealing and engaging content. It is a creative approach towards redesigning your blog or posts on your website with the help of these graphically attractive pictures.

The audience always looks for quality content served in a charismatic way. Infographics possess a huge dominance over the use of mere words and sentences, that makes the audience bored and read just for the sake of getting to learn more about it.

You can make use of software or platforms like or to create your own customized versions of infographics.

Infographics speak what the normal words may take more time and effort to deliver. This is a major reason why Infographics are a more preferable and attractive option.

It not only helps in grabbing the attention of the individuals but if they really like your efforts, the odds are high that they may even share the post or the infographic. So this visual content is way more powerful than a mere blog post full of words and images.

#2 Webinars

This digital way of conducting and hosting seminars has gained a lot of popularity recently, especially after the forced quarantine and frequent lockdowns.

Webinars are nothing but Online seminar sessions which can be easily hosted with the help of the following apparatus.

  • Any device like a smartphone, tablet or personal computer.
  • A headphone (mic enabled preferably)
  • A stable and high-speed internet connection
  • A trending or an insightful topic with great and engaging content.

You can make use of slides, pictures to make the presentation more appealing. Follow these steps to create a mind-blowing webinar presentation, which can act as a lead magnet for your business.

  • First of all, pick a niche. Go for one in which you are really an expert and can talk about it with even fewer preparations.
  • Now pick a topic, a trending one would be appreciated. You can also go with an insightful one where you’d like to share your own thoughts and ideas.
  • It’s time to register yourself with a webinar platform, a software. There are a lot of free ones and paid versions with premium specifications available online.
  • Circulate the link and promote the webinar session all over the social media platforms and other means to get more audiences who are interested in the topic you’re going to present.
  • Practise Practise Practice!! Take enough trial runs to prepare and if you’re confident enough, go and take the shot.
  • Now it’s time to go live with the presentation. Just go with the flow, a proper introduction, core discussion on the topic followed by a Q and A session, collect reviews, and feedback from the audience.
  • Now your lead magnet is ready! Use it with your mail listing to increase the number of signups and subscriptions.

#3 Research Reports

Apparently, research undertaken is a painful task that involves a lot of physical and mental effort. The biggest highlight of the research is that this task is wholly based on primary research.

All the data will be individually collected by you which can’t be found anywhere else. The data and the report you make is the completely authentic and original one.

A part of these can be attached to the mail listing or your website or blog and forgetting the fuller version of reports, the user needs to sign-up or subscribe to your site.

A researcher always holds a superior position among the audience. For the response and utility of the report, its impact on the eMail listings, it’s worth the effort involved in doing the research.

Choose the topic wisely, a well-prepared report can create a catastrophic impact on the popularity of your business.

The fuller version of the research reports is your lead magnet here.

#4 A Cheat Sheet Reminder

Cheat sheets are simple, unique sets of instructions or tips that are highly effective and applicable while working on a task. It’s another way to interest the audience as these cheat sheets is highly productive in performing their important tasks.

For example, you are posting a cheat sheet for a very popular online game, regarding its ‘not so popular’ tips, techniques, and walkthroughs. It’s an asset for the gaming fanatics and they’ll share and circulate this among their kin and that’s the kind of breakthrough you are looking for in your business.

A Cheat Sheet needs proper research too, it should be attractive and eye-catching. The details should be concise, which is actually insightful to a lot of people out there.

You can attach a part of this cheat sheet, with your blog post or the email listing, and post a fuller version of the same for the audience who have signed up and subscribed to your email updates.

#5 Ebooks

Writing an eBook on your favorite topic or something that interests you and your audience can be a game-changer for boosting your Email listing.

All you need is some creativity, a good vocabulary, and some in-depth knowledge of what you are going to write on.

So why should someone sign-up to your site for reading an ebook?

The answer depends on the way you are going to promote the eBook, the way it is going to be delivered to the audience. You should make use of a blog post to describe the book, even a small, best extract out of the book, which should be persuasive in a way it makes them sign-up for getting the complete version.

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