Fix HP Support Assistant And Get Every Printer Related Issue Solution

It’s so easy to get those lovely memories converted to picture frames nowadays by just a mouse click! May it be your child’s first day in kindergarten or your moment of pleasure with your buddy at college, printing is merely at fingertips. As a result of the hi-tech computers which have made it easy and possible. Discussing computers, HP’s computers are among the best in brands, as their client support and merchandise.

HP Support Assistant is one of the top trusted names in the business. So, you’ve brought an HP computer following 2012 then surely it has been shipped with HP Service Assistant software installed onto it. But sometimes you get an issue in HP and here are simple tricks to fix HP Support Assistant issues.

Exactly is HP Support Assistant?

A computer is an Intricate machine and it’s not possible to fully comprehend its components and combined. So, to make things easier and troubleshoot some common issues, HP computers manufactured after 2012 possess HP Support Assistant installed on it. This utility will be able to help you diagnose and rectify common issues like if your internet connection isn’t working, or if and that’s your printer not working, and many more. The HP support assistant comes with various characteristics that work as functions like automatic software upgrades, which helps to inform if a particular application includes a brand new version available or self-update security patches and essential drivers related to scanners and printers.

Normally, the HP utility comes pre-installed on all HP computers, but in the event, you are not able to locate it, an HP download for Windows 10 is available. Does the HP support work on HP computers alone, they can be easily downloaded and installed on machines produced by other manufacturers also. What is more, it is even available for machines running on Apple’s Mac computers! HP Support Assistant also assists in troubleshooting and largely resolving issues and issues associated with HP-branded printer and scanners. The software is called HP Utility.

How Can I install HP support assistant?

Since We’ve understood how helpful is HP Assistant, wouldn’t you like to check whether it could be set up on your PC or not any? So, carefully go through the next method so, you are able to install and use HP Support to solve questions. Please note that this procedure is for windows users.

  • From the Internet browser, visit
  • Select “Software and Printers” in the horizontal menu
  • You will be on a new page which will ask you to select
  • Your device, click on the Notebook icon If You’re using a laptop or else, then click on the PC icon
  • Within the next page, the website will ask you to name your device, if you Don’t Understand, Click the “Permit HP find your merchandise” button.
  • Again, a brand new page shall be shown where you need to check from the check-box and click on the “Next” button.
  • A pop-up will look, click “save” to store the file that the website provides you.
  • Now, as Soon as You finish downloading the app, double-click to “Run” the program On the software window, then click the “I Agree” button to accept the “End User License Agreement”
  • Here click to check the check-box that reads “Install the Most Recent version…” and select the “Install Now” option then click on the “Next” button.
  • Click on the “Install”, if prompted, and then let the software installation itself.
  • The HP Support Solutions Framework will connect into the community and download the latest version of the software accessible.
  • Click “Finish” after the setup is complete.

Now that you have successfully, Installed HP Support Assistant, you can learn more about the applications by clicking the round question mark (?) icon on the taskbar.

What To do when HP support helper won’t open?

Such a mistake hardly happens, however if it occurs, it’s recommended that you re-download the application since there’s a chance that the downloaded file is broken or corrupted. This normally happens if the downloading procedure did not happen correctly or the internet connection was interrupted.

How To disable or disable HP Support Assistant from your computer?

To Uninstall HP Support Assistance Usefulness from your personal computer, follow the simple steps.

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Click Programs
  • Select “Uninstall a program”
  • You’ll Be shown a listing of all programs installed on your PC
  • Select and click on the program that you wish to uninstall
  • Select the “Uninstall” program
  • Follow the onscreen instructions

Done! You have uninstalled HP Support from your PC.

How To eliminate the hp support assistant icon from the taskbar?

Right-click on the HP Support icon And put the mouser cursor onto “Toolbar”. You will see a tick-marked alternative “HP Support Assistant Quick Access”. This process simplifies HP Support Assistant Quick Access. Although disabling isn’t likely to affect any service on your pc, but you will have to search for HP Support Assistant whenever like a standard application when you want any service regarding HP printers and scanners.

How To upgrade hp support assistant?

You as an individual do not need to upgrade The HP Support Assistance, since the app itself is connected to the internet at regular intervals and can auto-update itself whenever there’s a more recent version available.

Is HP support assistant a virus?

HP assistant is not a Virus, Some antivirus programs or malware applications scan and detects it as a virus. Here you have to manually check for any updates available. If the problem still persists, it’s suggested to uninstall the application install the HP Support Assistant.

For more information and any Problems Which you might be facing during the setup of HP software, please feel free to contact HP Printer Support.

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