The reason why French Terry is used for casual clothes and sweatshirts

India is the land of fabrics, here you can easily find out many textile industries. The textile industry here is so big that major income to the country is because of exporting fabrics. This is the reason that many big and renowned designers around the globe take their cloth material from here. There are so many fabrics available in India like different types of cotton, khadi, woolen stuff, etc.

We all might have come across the fabric that is named atFrench Terryand it is one of the most common fabrics that is used for towel making. But if you really belong to the fashion industry you might be knowing about this fabric which is used for a very long time in the making of both casual and sporty clothes.

This fabric is a knitted fabric that has loops and soft piles of yarn on one side and a smooth and soft surface on the other side. The combination of fabric results in lightweight, moisture absorbent fabric that can be comfortably worn throughout the day. This fabric is made up of 100% cotton with a small percentage of other fabrics like rayon, lycra, polyester, etc. the new French terry fabric is made with organic cotton that might raise the price of the fabric. This fabric is here in this industry since the 1980s. so there are many things like casual clothes made with this fabric.

So here are the reasons why this fabric is very popular for making or casual clothes or sweatshirts.

  • Super comfortable: this fabric is made up of soft cotton that makes it very light and soft fabric. The clothes made with this fabric can be easily worn throughout the day in hot summers. Even this fabric was used in making the sweatshirts as well. Many people who have sensitive skin go with this fabric.
  • Made you keep dry and cool: the composition of this fabric contains 100% cotton and other components like rayon, polyester that makes them very moisture absorbent cloth. This cloth can absorb up to 25 times of water of its weight. That will help the people who wear cloth made with fabric cool as well as dry.
  • Flexible: the fabric is made up of a perfect combination of components that provides stretch. This was the reason why this fabric is used in making sporty clothes.
  • Great layering: the stuff of this fabric is heavier than a t-shirt and lighter than a sweatshirt. So the layers of this fabric can be worn under as well over the other piece of clothes. And definitely, it will add a great look to your personality.

So these are some of the reasons why this fabric is used so much. Cotton terry fabric Indiais one of the most used fabric all over the world and it is known for its benefits. If you are a summer person and want something light to wear, so definitely go for this fabric. Surely it will meet your expectations.

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