Galileo Thermometer and Storm Glass: The Aged Beauties

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Galileo Thermometer and Storm Glass: The Aged Beauties

Do you have any idea who was the first person to record or analyze the temperature of the outside environment of the temperature recorder?

Do you know who was the first person who predicted the weather and made weather forecasting possible at those times?

Let’s have a closer look at our past!!

It was the galileo thermometer that was invented back in the 16th century, whose principles were given by the great scientist and physician Galileo Galilei. He was known as the “father of modern physics”, “father of modern science” and “father of scientific method”. He didn’t invent the galileo thermometer but instead stated the principles of that thermometer which was later given the name of galileo in the prefix.

And the one who invented the object to predict the weather was Admiral Fitzroy, the object was named as storm glass. The weather predicting storm glass uk was one such technology of those times that made the forecasting of weather possible at those times. Admiral Fitzroy was one of them who made it possible that no one at that time had even imagined to go through with.

Let’s have a look at what these products were made of and the working of these products!!

The Galileo thermometer was a sealed glass tube that accommodates water, distinct colored bubbles, and a temperature tag on each of the bubbles.

There are mainly five colors of bubbles in the glass tube, namely blue, yellow, green, purple, and red. They are having a temperature of 60,65,70,75, and 80 degrees respectively. Every bubble with its unique degree temperature has variation in the density they have. The bubble which carries the highest degree temperature has the lowest density and the bubble that accommodates lowest degree temperature holds the highest density.

Now, how to check the temperature?

So, if the temperature outside the sealed glass tube is supposed to be 65 degrees. Then the change you would notice in the sealed glass tube would be that the bubbles carrying the highest density than 65 degrees will float to the top in the sealed glass tube whereas the bubble having a density less than 65 degrees will float to the bottom. And the bubble having 65 degrees will float in the middle of the glass tube.

Coming on to Storm Glass

The Fitzroy storm glass was also a glass tube with distilled water, ethanol, and potassium as the ingredients inside it. These ingredients later form crystals and sit at the bottom of the glass tube.

Now how does the weather predicting storm glass works:

  • If you are through with the outside weather and you find out it’s windy outside then you’ll see some threads floating on the top of the glass tube.
  • The crystals which were formed with those ingredients remain in the bottom of the teardrop storm glass then it’s the indication of frost weather outside.
  • If you see snow outside in winters then you’ll get to see small stars forming inside the weather predicting storm glass.
  • If you see the Fitzroy storm glass turns out to be cloudy with some tiny stars on it then that represents that it would be thunderstorm outside.
  • If you see small dots in the teardrop storm glass, it indicates humid and foggy weather outside.
  • If the liquid turns out to be cloudy inside the weather predicting storm glass tube then it would be cloudy outside.
  • And if the liquid inside the Fitzroy storm glass tube is clear then the weather outside will also be bright and clear.

So this was how these two inventions worked at those times. It might be something unimportant for kids and students of today’s generation but can you believe how they did at those times and make it count in some of those countless inventions. They both made everyone shocked at that time to make them live in such inventions.

Now, the time has come where these inventions have become a part of our ordinary lifestyle. Since they both are counted as one of those beautiful antique objects which one can purchase it for many uses now.

Few of those benefits are:

  1. One can use these products to live in those times by experiencing various aspects of how people of those times used to do with these products.
  2. Since these objects are now antique pieces of today’s world, these can be presented to someone on some occasion or can be kept at our homes as part of home decoratives.
  3. This can help your kid to gain some knowledge about ancient inventions. You can teach them the workings of both the objects. Your kids need some extra knowledge other than that of the books that they study in school or colleges. Take an initiative and share your views on it.
  4. Earlier you were buying two separate products(Galileo thermometer and storm glass) but now are the days where you can buy these 2 products under a single bill with a discount on it as well.

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