Get Brother A Rakhi This Raksha Bandhan That Suits His Personality

Brothers – they evoke a whole lot of emotions and reactions, be it the fights or them looking out for you in the smallest of things. They’re also the ones who are with you through thick and thin, and you can count on them for anything. They’re cut from the same cloth as you. And on this Raksha Bandhan, we get to express all those love/hate feelings & micro emotions through the pious act of tying a rakhi on his wrist.

When it comes to rakhis, there are so many designs and styles to choose from that it can be difficult to decide which one will look best. With the festival of Raksha Bandhan falling on August 22, 2021, which is almost just a month away, it is imperative that you place your orders online, given the uncertain COVID-19 situation.

Being safe at home is most important, so it is best to avoid stepping outside to shop. If you are confused about which rakhi should be bought, that goes perfectly with your budget and something your brother would love to adorn, something that suits his unique personality.

When you visit any of India’s local markets around Raksha Bandhan, creativity is at its peak. On the full moon day of the month of Shravan, a festival honoring the unconditional love and holy bond shared by brothers and sisters is held (August). It’s all about a simple tradition in which a sister ties a sacred thread called a ‘Rakhi’ around her brother’s wrist and prays to God for long life and success for her brother.

In exchange, brothers swear to protect their sisters from all the world’s dangers. Numerous patterns and designs of rakhi are available in the market, according on people’s budgets and preferences. Are you spoilt with choice?

If you’re not sure which path to choose, look over these main categories and make your decision.

Before you choose a rakhi for your brother, get to know him. Choose from a broad array of Rakhi to tie the sacred thread in flair. So prepare to be spoiled for options…

There is a Rakhi for every personality. Keeping in mind the many (and sometimes split) brothers’ personalities, we’ve curated the best rakhis a brother could ask for. From the minimalistic moderns to the traditional, here are our favorites that may help you narrow down your decision.

1. Modern Rakhis

The dapper kinds who love the simplicity of modern designs. Not too flashy, not too simple. They like to strike a balance between the two. These modern famous design Rakhis are just perfect for the modern brother. These Rakhi will make Raksha Bandhan special.

2. Eco-friendly Rakhis

This one is a unique and thoughtful rakhi for the environment as well that is eco-friendly. Many brothers simply take off their rakhis and leave them in a drawer or forget about them. This time, give this rakhi to them and tell them that this is a responsibility you are giving them. Ask them to show it in the garden or a flower pot as a gift to you. They will understand, and they may remember this gesture of yours. If your brother is already an environment-conscious person, then he will love it anyway!

3. Quirky Rakhis

There is an array of rakhi designs here that capture the age, style, looks, and complete personality of your dear brother all in one. If your brother is the eldest, then get him a Kundan Rakhi. The youngest can wear the superhero theme rakhi. If your brother has a big moustache, then there is one for him. Whether your Bhai is a foodie, a Personalisation fan likes to initialise his things or a gym lover. There is something for every Bhai.

4. Traditional Rakhis

If your brother is into traditional designs or wants a rakhi that looks classy like this, then go for these designer traditional rakhis. It is available in so many vivid colors, so even if you have more than one brother, then a set of these would be perfect to buy rakhi online. Or you can even go for different types of designs for every brother. Either way, they will love it.

5. Mouli Rakhi

Mouli is a crimson and yellow sacred thread used in Hindu Dharma for tying on the wrists during ceremonies. ‘Kalava’ is another name for this precious thread. This thread was once used in the past.

6. Om Shree Rakhi

Designers are constantly experimenting with different materials and people’s wants. These days, a rakhi thread featuring the symbols of ‘Shree-om’ and ‘Swastika’ is highly popular. Such rakhi give off a sacred vibe. As a result, these rakhi are particularly popular among religious individuals.

7. Resham Rakhi

Resham Rakhi is the most ancient type of rakhi. It is the most well-known rakhi kind that has been around since the beginning of time. Resham rakhi are delicate to the touch and glossy in appearance, with cotton or silk threads running through them. These rakhis are ornately decorated and popular with individuals of all ages.

8. Sandalwood Rakhi

Sandalwood bits in various ornamental forms are used to make these Rakhis. There could be miniature animals, flowers, or sandalwood statues. Rakhis are sometimes embellished with sandalwood beads to give them an ethnic appeal. Sandalwood’s fragrant scent also gives a touch of freshness to the Rakhi holiday.


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