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GIIS Ahmedabad’s Global Citizen Scholarship Ahmedabad: A Quick Guide

A scholarship award differs from the student loans as these have not to be repaid. Thus, this financial aid helps families with moderate income enable their children to pursue their further learning.

The Global Indian International School, a private school in Ahmedabad, offers various scholarship programs to meticulous students and students from weak economic backgrounds. To qualify, the students might have to appear in a written test followed by a series of interviews.

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One such scholarship offered by GIIS is the Global Citizen Scholarship in Ahmedabad. Here is a quick guide to the scholarship:

Academic Criteria

The Global Citizen Scholarship offers awards to the students appearing in the 10th standard. The tenure of the grant is for two years, for Grades 11 and 12. The scholarship amount depends on academic excellence and generally ranges from a discount of 75% to 100% from the tuition and hostel fees.

Scholarship Eligibility

The scholarship program is divided into two categories:

Category A

  • Scholarship Eligibility – The students of CBSE, ICSE, State, and other boards securing 94% and above are eligible for the scholarship. At the same time, the IGCSE or GCSE students must score ‘A’ in all of their nine subjects to get qualified.
  • Application Eligibility – Students of 10th Grade who have secured above 85% in their Pre-Board and Board exams are eligible to apply for this scholarship. As there are a limited number of seats, the grant is awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis. The scholarship committee chooses the students in a descending order up to 85% of their final selection.
  • Scholarship Value – Students are offered a waiver of 100% on their tuition and the hostel fees.

Category B

  • Scholarship Eligibility – Under this category, the students of CBSE, ICSE, State, and other boards have to secure between 93.0% and 94.0%. The IGCSE or GCSE students must score ‘A’ in all eight subjects to be eligible for the reward. 
  • Application Eligibility – Grade 10 students who achieve 85% and above in their Pre-board and Board examinations can apply for this scholarship. 
  • Scholarship Value – A waiver of 75% on tuition and hostel fees is offered to the meritorious students under this category.

Scholarship Process

The overall process can be explained in the following steps:

  1. Application – Students have to apply by submitting their forms correctly for Global Citizen Scholarship Ahmedabad.
  2. Documentation – Along with the application form, all the relevant documents have to be uploaded online.
  3. Assessment – Students are required to appear for an online written test with a series of questions with multiple choices.
  4. Interview Round 1 – An online interview is conducted to access qualified students.
  5. Interview Round 2 – One-to-one interview is scheduled either online or offline.
  6. Final Selection – Shortlisted candidates are notified, and the disbursement of the award is done.


 A prestigious grant, GIIS Global Citizen Scholarship Ahmedabad, ensures next-gen learning for the deserving candidates to produce future world-class citizens. Students are prepared for 21st-century challenges. Parents should take time to understand the criteria and benefits before applying for the scholarship.

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