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A Step by Step Guide to Choosing the Right International School in Bangalore

Bangalore is one of India’s educational hubs, and it has top international schools in different parts of the city. As there are so many options for parents, choosing a school can be a challenging task. 

Here is a step by step guide to help you streamline your selection process: 

School Credentials

Since parents have many options, it is best to check the school’s credentials and reputation. You can check if the institution has sought proper approvals such as accreditation, authorisation, and affiliation. 

Moreover, the best international schools in Bangalore have a stellar reputation among parents and students. You can refer to the school’s reviews on the website, social media channels, Quora, etc., to gather this information. 

Academic results

You should always check the academic results of a school before admitting your child. A close view of the school’s academic results of at least 5 to 7 years will give you clear knowledge. Such results help measure the school’s efforts to steer learning and how successful the students are. Furthermore, if the learner can achieve their educational goals by studying in the school, it makes sense to consider it an ideal learning platform for your child. 

Entrance exam and interview

Some schools require the learners to appear for an entrance exam and several interview rounds. These assessment measures are aimed at selecting the right candidate and checking the learners’ proficiency. A few schools deploy measures to minimize nervousness and anxiety during the examination. As parents, you should learn about these procedures and prepare the learner accordingly. 

Student-centric approach

Nowadays, many schools have recognized that all children are not equally prepared for schooling, especially in the initial years of education. Hence, they utilize different resources and methods to deliver learning. It is better to opt for schools that recognize the students’ individuality and deploy measures to help struggling learners. 

Language offered

International schools provide national and international languages to children. Before admitting your child, you should always check the languages offered in the school and how they are being taught. Moreover, it is best to refer to the school’s website to find more about such programmes and how it adds them to curricular learning.  

Extracurricular activities

Apart from academic excellence, quality schools equally concentrate on extracurricular activities. It is advisable to check if the school has enough space for organising different activities and qualified staff to deliver training. Moreover, you can also refer to the past years’ records of school awards and recognition in extra and co-curricular pursuits.

Meet parents of the school

Do not forget to meet parents of the children already studying in the school and clear all doubts arising in your mind. You can ask questions about how the parents are indulged in student growth and how frequent parent-teacher meetings are held. Moreover, in what ways the teachers take parents’ advice on matters related to their children.

Parent-teacher meetings

Schools should have regular parent-teacher meetings. There should always be a scope for parents to meet teachers regarding their child’s progress. Before admitting your child, you should meet the principal of the school. It is also advisable to talk to the teaching faculty and learn how they maintain communication with the parents. 

Admission procedure and fees

It is best that you get a clear knowledge of the admission start date, end date, school fees in Bangalore, etc. You can refer to the school’s website to learn about the procedure. It should also have a transparent fee structure for the parent’s and learners’ perusal. Moreover, you can directly talk to the school counselor or administration regarding such matters and clear all your doubts.

By incorporating these tips, you can find the best international schools in Bangalore for your child. You can also question the school by mentioning the essentials outlined in this post.

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