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Gym Dumbbells: For Your Full Body Exercises

Are you planning to build a home gym? Then it is the right time to buy dumbbells and make them an integral part of your healthy lifestyle. Gym dumbbells are not like other large, bulky gym equipment that takes a humongous place to keep and require a good purchase power that a professional gym can afford. 

Many beginners get influenced by these humongous machines and underestimate the power of gym dumbbells. But the truth is that you can achieve the strength to workout on machines just by intensifying your strength with dumbbells. The only thing you should learn is the variations and the right postures. 

Try These Full Body Exercises With Gym Dumbbells

Try These Full Body Exercises With Gym Dumbbells 

Gym dumbbells are the instruments that should be used in the first place before jumping on heavy weight lifting or machineries. Professionals usually use them as their warm-ups to avoid all possible injuries. If you have doubts, look at these full-body exercises that use the dumbbells only. 

  • Push Ups: It is a great exercise to warm up or for beginners to gain the strength for other exercises. But if you do push ups with dumbbells, you can maximize the results and your strength. This kind of push ups impacts your chest, arms, triceps, lower back, and shoulders. Do it. If you are feeling pain in these areas, congratulations, you are heading to a stronger chest, arms, triceps, lower back, and shoulders. 
  • Bench Press: For it, you need to lay down on a bench and use dumbbells instead of rods to lift up and down. Keep dumbbells in each hand and rest them in thighs first. Now lift them gently straight up to your chest and hold them for a little, take a breath properly, and then keep them down. You will feel the result on your chest and arms. 
  • Incline dumbbell chest: Set the bench in inclined mode. Keep the dumbbells in both hands and do the same process that is mentioned above. It will work on your upper chest. 
  • Incline dumbbell fly: To widen the chest, this exercise is used. You have to lay down on the bench first in the inclined bench. Now widen your arms at the level of your chest then move the dumbbells back to the square of your eyes. 
  • Pullover: Lay across the bench. Fix your neck on it. Hold the dumbbell with both of your hands now move the dumbbell behind the head from straight to your chest level. Do the process in reps. It is good for your chest and shoulders. 
  • Seated Side Lateral Raise: To do seated side lateral raise,  you need to sit on the bench straight. Hold the dumbbells in both of your hands and rest them to sides. Now make a flying posture with both hands and repeat it in the reps. This exercise is highly effective on shoulders and chest as well. 
  • For the lower back: there are many exercises that can be executed with the help of a dumbbell. Birddog in one of these exercises. You just need to make perfect coordination between leg and dumbbell in hand movements. First, take a dog position on four legs. Keep a dumbbell in one hand. Once you throw your hand in a straight direction, throw the different side of the leg in the back direction. Repeat the reps. 
  • One-arm triceps is a common practice done through dumbbells by professional athletes. For it, you have to stand straight, keep your one hand on your waist. And hold the dumbbell with your other hand. Now bring the hand straight to your ear and fold it against your head. Now bring it to its original position. Repeat the exercise according to your reps. 
  • For ABS: you can do several kinds of exercises with dumbbells and without dumbbells. But dumbbell exercises are very effective and you can see the results faster than you have ever thought. You can do Russian twists, sit-ups, side bends,  mountain climbers, and many others with the help of only dumbbells. 
  • For leg muscles you can do one calf raise, seated calf raise, burpee, and many others with a dumbbell. If you do variation in lunges with dumbbells you will see the drastic changes in your body in very little time. 

There are many other exercises with dumbbells that really have an effect on your body. And dumbbells are the most used instruments by many sports players to enhance the strength of particular muscles that can be an important aspect of their winning or losing their game. 

But for beginners or common people, gym dumbbells are not less than their personal gym. So, buy dumbbells now, believe me, it is the right decision you will not regret. 

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