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Have A Look At Some Top Angel Investors In India

From time to time, entrepreneurs have been seeking angel investors to get seed capital for their startups. An Angel investor is quite affluent and is known to take risks while funding for new startup companies. These days, people go to a war footing when it comes to getting ahead in the business. Competition is growing day by day, and companies that can’t manage to handle it fail in the end. However, these firms can approach angel investors for survival. In India, there exist lots of angel investors. In this article, I will provide the names of some of the top angel investors in India.

Top Angel Investors In India

1. Rajan Anandan

He has graduated from MIT and is Google India’s Managing Director. In 2017, he seemed to be very active in making angel investments. Rajan is popular to prefer funding in Business-to-Business startups held in partnership. So, he will be the best choice to get some funding support.

2. T.V. Mohandas Pai

He is also a very active angel investor from India. Pai is known to fund tech startups in their early stages. With a calculated decision of small purchases, he becomes an opportunistic investor. Earlier, he has invested in startups like YourStory and Zoomcar.

3. Anupam Mittal

Anupam Mittal is the name behind the success of So far, he has supported up to 50 startups from different industries. He prefers to make investments in technology and the mobile industry. Mittal has backed Ola Cabs and HackerEarth. 

4. Anand Chandrasekaran

Currently, he acts as a director at Facebook. Chandrasekaran has experience with Wynk, Bharti Airtel, and Yahoo. Until now, he has invested in up to 30 startups. Consumer Internet, Fintech, and P2P marketplaces are some of the industries he likes to invest in. Some startups he has invested in are ShaadiSaga, Yumlane, JustRide, and so on.

5. Sanjay Mehta

Sanjay Mehta is an angel investor who has mainly focused on technology. He has contributed to industries such as mobility, social media, analytics, and cloud, etc. Mehta also offers advice for PR, marketing, and branding. Some of his past investments are in OYO, Loginext, and Orange Scape.

6. Anand Ladsariya 

Anand Ladsariya holds a reputation for supplying money in chemical industries within the country. Until now, he has supported over 90 startups. Ladsariya always favors investing in a strong team behind the business. His favorite industries are web design, social media, and services based on location. Startups like Myntra, Uniphore have emerged from his valuable support.

7. Sandeep Tandon

Sandeep Tandon has invested in up to 23 startups. Just like some of the angel investors, he prefers to spend in tech startups. In addition, he invests in industries such as FinTech, Internet Services, and Education. Some of the startups he has supported are Tablehero, Fabelio, and Unacademy.

8. Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata has been a big name in the Indian market. He has supported and mentored several startups in the country and around the world. Generally, he invests in eCommerce, tech, and affiliate sectors. Some startups that come in his hat of expertise are Snapdeal, UrbanClap, Xiaomi, and so on.

9. Gokul Rajaram

He has been making investments since 2008. Rajaram prefers to invest in startups working in technology, internet services, and product industries. Some companies he has invested in are Edu Fire, LivSpace, Flipora, and Buffer.

10. Vijay Shekhar Sharma

Vijay Shekhar Sharma has made several angel investments. Vijay is very much passionate about making a startup a successful business. He has supported startups working in industries like education technology, FinTech, and Consumer Internet. So far, he has funded startups like InnerChef, Milaap, and The Ken.

11. Kunal Bahl

Kunal Bahl has been passionate about market operations, and he always remains up to date with prevalent and upcoming market trends. His favorite industries for making investments are B2C, Consumer Internet, and Fintech. Until now, he has supported UrbanClap, Ola, and Snapdeal.

12. Kunal Shah

At present, he is managing CRED. He dropped out and managed to pursue management studies. Paisaback is the first company that was backed by him. He possesses the ability to predict market trends. Kunal loves to invest in Consumer Internet, E-commerce, and Education Tech. Some startups he invested in are Razorpay, Bharat Bazaar, and Cookifi.


So far, we have seen why it is so safe to get angel investors. In this article, I have mentioned top angel investors in India. Startups can see several ups and downs while starting a journey in the market. However, angel investors can support them with their valuable expertise. Most importantly, you should strive to get angel investors for startup. India has always been a place where millions of businesses have blossomed. Therefore, some of the greatest angel investors come from this country. Finally, I would like to say you should leverage their assistance so that your startup makes remarkable achievements.

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