Head Coach of Pakistan Women’s Cricket Team Iqbal Imam Starts Online Training

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Pakistan women cricket team

It is but obvious that the global pandemic has brought a halt to everything, along with the global economy. From factories, educational institutions, and IT companies, lockdowns and social isolation are affecting several people mentally as well as physically. While some people grieve for the death of their loved ones, others are trying to cope up with the severe anxiety and pressure that the isolation is causing. One more sector which is being critically affected is the sports sector. All traditional sports events are now on hold and are expected to remain that way for an extended timeframe. 

Pakistan Women Cricket team 

Today, the chief duty of global citizens is to unite and stand together to come out of this stronger. Now more than ever, citizens must cooperate with the excruciatingly critical rules so that we don’t endanger more human lives. One of the most motivating initiatives currently has to be from Pakistan. Pakistan women cricket team coach, Iqbal Imam has taken one step ahead by introducing online training, thereby lighting hope amongst fans. The fundamental purpose of this is to help people feel at ease and to cope up with the lockdowns. 

Online Training and its vitality

● The online classes are meant for helping players reach their best potential at the convenience of sitting at home. Mr. Iqbal says that he wants to educate his players with the most valuable cricket techniques. He wants to train and brief his players thoroughly on concepts of hanging ball and taking catches so that the Pakistan women cricket team stays strong and prepared. 

● Furthermore, he also introduces structured exercises and bowling methods. Players are asked to record the clips of their practice sessions so that the coach can evaluate their overall performance and help them strengthen their core skills accordingly. 

● Pakistani players and citizens are intrigued and happy by the idea and efforts of the coach. Several players like Kainat Imtiaz have started uploading their exercise clips, theory motivating the rest of the players. In a terrifying time like this, this approach is helping several players stay calm and inspired. 

● Players are challenging each other to perform different exercises. This initiative is playing a vital role in eliminating substantial negativity across Pakistan. Moreover, this practice also brings hope to the upcoming cricket events amongst the players and the fans. 

To sum up,

Read more about the Pakistan women cricket team on womenscriczone.com to know more about similar initiatives. Iqbal Imam is now an inspiring idol for several global citizens. We must all take this positively and exercise regularly to stay mentally and physically healthy.

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