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Taking care of one’s health has become one of the most crucial aspects of one’s life.

With the heightened levels of global warming, ozone layer depletion, air pollution as well as pandemics like COVID-19, it becomes even more pivotal to become smart in taking care of one’s health.

Regular fitness routine along with diet and a good lifestyle immensely impacts one’s body and mind positively.

However, with the way new and unknown health ailments are coming up, the necessity to track and monitor one’s health conditions all the time becomes imperative.

Technology persuasion in the health care domain is booming, and taking some useful assistance from the same can only be beneficial.


Many top companies in the health care and medical fields keep on making various health care devices to enable people to track and monitor their various health ailments.

High technological devices available in small cute formats are enabling people to the world to take care of themselves and avoid unnecessary travelling to the physical location of the health professionals.

Saving lots of time and resources, these health care devices assist in the patients in getting timely diagnose and recovery.

Health care devices are sensor-based devices to track and alert a person of his/her real-time health conditions like heartbeats, and calories burned, ECG tracking, etc.

These days for elaborate assessment and continuous monitoring, these devices are connected to mobile apps for better surveillance and doctor consultations.



Below mentioned are’ some devices for regular monitoring of one’s health:


Scan watch is an analogue smartwatch for fitness checks to track various real-time health levels.

This watch is imposing in appearance and can be worn just like a regular watch, but with compelling features.

Connected to the Smartphone via health mate app for elaborate details, this watch tracks the

  • Heartbeats,
  • Sleep heart rate
  • Steps when walking
  • ECG
  • Calculating blood oxygen levels
  • Calories

This watch is enabled to be water-resistant up to 50 meters and has a battery life of 30 days.


A thermometer to check one’s temperature is essential. Nevertheless, something unique and technologically updated is this temporal thermometer.

It’s an Infrared thermometer having 16 infra-red sensors. It collects 4000 temperature readings in just 2 seconds.

All one has to do is to make the device touch one’s temple and press a button, which then shows the temperature after some seconds.

It is how useful this device is.

Further, connected with an app, this also facilitates in the making:

  • Profile
  • Set reminders
  • Get advice from health care professionals.


A massager touches one’s nerves to ease its pain and bring relief to people.

This tech care massager gives low voltage stimulations to nerve fibres and blocks the pain signal from going further.

This device is equipped with a rechargeable battery, large touch LCD, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS), and a powered Muscle Simulator (PMS) which acts together to negate the nerve pain, all together.


To monitor the status of heartbeats, this device has a two-point sensor strip.

By placing two fingers of both hands on this strip, the heartbeat rates are calculated with the help of an electrocardiogram graph within 30 seconds.

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