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What are some healthy habits for a pregnant mom?

Giving birth to a human is just absolutely beautiful and to be in that process to give birth there has to be a healthy lifestyle throughout the pregnancy period for 9 months and sometimes even more. This post will give you the best possible yet simple advice to adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

Things to avoid

Do not smoke at all and do not be around someone who smokes as passive smoking can also be very dangerous for the baby increases high chances of SUDDEN INFANT DEATH SYNDROME giving unhealthy outcomes. Don’t take alcohol by any chance even if you crave to sip it may cause fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. Things that can make you feel dizzy and unconscious avoid all of those in all forms. Certain food items need to be avoided in every way raw or any rare meats or fish or eggs (even in mayonnaise), unpasteurized milk, things like soft cheese like goat cheese, feta, and brie. These are very important things you much do during pregnancy. Raw and all kinds of unpasteurized animal products should be completely avoided and avoid fish which can be high in mercury even cooked should be avoided.

 Eating lifestyle

To make sure that you and your baby remain healthy throughout there are do’s which need to be taken special care. The breakfast has to like a queen and a major must, eat something ready to eat or some cooked cereals with healthy portion old fruits adding a good amount of nutrients. Then choose a variety of fiber eatables vegetables and fruits like carrots melons etc. Eat loads of whole grains like beans, brown rice, and oatmeal. Healthy snacks like low fat or free fact yogurt with a good amount of fruits and whole-grain bars and low-fat cheese can help to a healthy lifestyle. A pro and most important tip are to take prenatal vitamins every single day rich in iron and folic acid preventing any kind of birth defects. A pregnant woman can eat canned light tuna, shrimp, salmon, pollack, or catfish but not more than 12 ounces of fish per week helping in a high level of I.Q in the baby.

Body movement

Staying active during this time is important for your daily health but this will also help in keeping you busy, happy, and will help in controlling weight and stress. Exercise will improve circulation. 15-20 mints walk in a cool place will avoid overheating and will keep your mood up. Check with doctors beforehand where pilates, yoga swimming can be a good source of a workout during pregnancy. A 30 minutes workout can be called sufficient do not overdo.

Personal development

To produce a happy the woman needs to happy herself and there can be a way to be happy and pamper yourself. Foremost, write a beautiful birth plan adding things like who you want in your proximity, whether you want music or something else or ant pain medicines, and things to do if anything uncertain happens. This can be complete what to do in what situation. Take a childbirth class for being prepared for delivery and caring for the infant, this will help you solve all your queries and seeing other moms will motivate you to live more happily.

During pregnancy, skin becomes sensitive where high chances of sunburn and chloasma incur hence wear high SPF sunscreen. Keep yourself clean by protecting any infections, these little infections can cause big diseases to the baby being careful is the solution. Stay hydrated all the time drink loads of water as this time blood supplies high oxygen and essential nutrients to handle all the extra pressure. This trick will avoid any uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms. 8-10 glasses a day as a splash or lime water or fruit juice can be a good aim. This is a beautiful phase of your life stay happy and healthy.

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