Best Hot Air Balloon Rides Within The Whole World

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Searching for a new place from a hot air balloon basket provides a perspective that you cannot achieve in any other way. Read on to discover the world’s best hot air balloon ride.

Bagan, Myanmar (Burma)

Known for its high concentration of Buddhist temples and stupas, Bagan boasts a wide, flat landscape, with thousands of gleams. Balloons on the Bagan offer one of the most stunning rides over the landscape, carrying guests above the gardens of the gardens and surrounding villages. As there is no designated landing spot, you never know where your journey will end in the stunning atmosphere.

There are thousands of historical temples, pagodas, and monasteries scattered throughout the plains of the Bagan region in Myanmar, mostly built between the 11th and 13th centuries. You can find them by bike, taxi, or horseshoe, but to get a good idea of their scope, go in a hot air balloon. The temple’s ruins look particularly beautiful with the golden light of sunrise. Recommended operators include Oriental Ballooning and Balloon Over Plantation.

Cappadocia, Turkey

The decaying landscape of Cappadocia in central Turkey was home to an upheaval trade industry more than 4,000 years old, and its “fairy chimney” rock formations continue to fascinate visitors. Wind and water erosion and eruptions from nearby active volcanoes have contributed to the region’s prehistoric presence, the best from above.

Dotted with cave hotels and other rock formations (called “fairy chimneys” by locals), Cappadocia’s landscape is best appreciated by the wind. Recommended operators include Royal Balloon and Kapadokya Balloons.

Yara Valley, Australia

While most of the hot air balloon flights in Melbourne travel to the beautiful countryside, you can get a unique opportunity to see the skyscrapers and the streetscape. 

As the sun rises, you will experience the floating greenery with the hills stretching in every direction. If you’re in nearby Melbourne, 35 miles southwest of the Yarra Valley, Global Ballooning also rides the city, a unique experience of gliding in a major metropolitan area.

La fortuna, costa rica

With a hot air balloon, your view of Costa Rica can include lush green rainforests, remote mountain villages, and cloud-covered Arenal volcanoes. In the quiet time of the morning, you can also hear monkeys and birds calling from treetops. Hot Air Balloon Rides of Costa Rica are operated by Free Spirit.

Luxor, Egypt

Drift Luxor over ancient temples, the Nile River, and tombs in the Valley of the Kings, on a spectacular hot air balloon ride over Egypt. After landing, you have the rest of the day to see some sites where you can catch a glimpse of the wind.

Tuscany, Italy

Walking around the historic mountain towns of Tuscany is a pleasure to visit; Seeing them from the air in the light of a soft morning is another thing. As you set your camera on vineyards, stone farmhouses, quaint villages, and sunflower fields. Recommended operators include ballooning and Tuscany ballooning in Tuscany.

Sedona, Arizona, USA

The shining red sandstone of Sedona forms the perfect backdrop for a sunrise glide over wide, dry expanses. Red Rock balloons stop along the banks of Dry Creek Road just outside Sedona, allowing you to fly across the Seven Canyon area. Keep an eye on the ground for wildlife like mule deer and coyotes.

Napa Valley, California, USA

While you are enjoying a wine tour in Napa, why not give yourself a balloon ride and experience the spectacular views of the vineyards from above in the air? While Nappa has many delights, best enjoyed on the ground with glass in hand, a view from above provides another great way to experience California’s famous valley.

If you exit Yountville, you will see views of Mount St. Helena and Mayakama Mountains, with vineyards in the foreground; In the right weather conditions, you will also be able to see the San Francisco horizon in the distance. Many balloon companies offer brunch and wine-tasting packages along their rides to cater to aerial adventures.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

You can ride a hot air balloon in Albuquerque at any time of the year and experience stunning views of the Rio Grande. Rainbow Riders Hot Air Balloon and World Balloon are two recommended operators.

Loire Valley, France

The Edenic Valley in the French heartland is known for its collection of the most spectacular chateau, but picturesque villages, extensive greenery, and winding rivers define the region as its plush habitats. The Loire Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is only two hours from Paris, making it an easy side trip from the city. The spring and summer months see the region in full bloom, making it the most suitable time for sunrise or sunset.

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    Looking for another spot from a tourist balloon bin gives a viewpoint that you can’t accomplish in some other manner. Peruse on to find the world’s best tourist balloon ride.

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