How Can Magic Mirror Keep Your Guests Connected to The Event?

You may hire a magic mirror to make your special event a success, whether for a wedding or birthday party, a business event, or any other occasion. The current new alternative to the old photo booth may provide you with a variety of advantageous features.

What about, for example?

For starters, you get the highest-quality prints possible. Whether you’re photographing for your wedding guest book or any other form of picture album, the DSLR camera housed within the magic mirror will provide you with the highest-quality high-definition images possible. Personalization is also possible with photographs, as your visitors will have the option to write a particular message on your prints by rubbing their fingers against the mirror.

What Is The Purpose Of A Magic Mirror Booth?

Photo booths are becoming increasingly common in today’s society. As a result, some visitors may find it a little tedious to be performing something that they have already done at the five previous events they have attended. So, what are you going to do to captivate them with your photo booth? This is the point at which creativity is put into action. It is critical that you come up with something remarkable and one-of-a-kind that will distinguish your photo booth from the competition and capture the attention of your visitors. In order to do this, the host will need to install something that is both visually beautiful and provides those pleasure jitters.

Imagine the first thing that springs to mind when you hear the phrase “magic mirror photo booth.” As popular as standard photo booths are, hiring magic mirror Essex or mirrored photo booths are a relatively new addition to the product line-up. Their unique characteristics distinguish them from traditional photo booths, which are not available in other types of photo booths. As a consequence, adopting them creates an atmosphere of individuality, which will most likely distinguish your event from the competition.

What Is The Procedure For Using A Magic Mirror?

Each one has an integrated camera in the middle of the long mirror, allowing it to serve as both a mirror and photo booth at the same time. Because it uses interactive touch-screen technology, the photo-taking experience is made much more enjoyable, and guests are entertained in a simple manner.

Reasons To Hire Magic Mirror for your event

Reasons To Hire Magic Mirror for your event
Reasons To Hire Magic Mirror for your event

Photo Editing Options

If that wasn’t enough, the mirror also has a variety of photo-editing options for your guests to enjoy. It provides animated graphics to make the experience at your event more engaging for your attendees. Whether your visitors are fans of humor, horror, or any other form of entertainment, a Magic Mirror photo booth will meet all of their requirements.

Because you cannot be in two locations at the same time while hosting an event, it is quite time-consuming. However, this should not come in the way of making the occasion a memorable one for everyone involved. Magic mirror photo booths may be quite useful in these situations. They make certain that you enjoy double advantages at the conclusion of the event by entertaining your visitors while also achieving the objectives of your occasion.

Suitable For Big Or Large Events

A Magic Mirror photo booth rental provider is available in Kent. Look no further. A magic mirror photo booth may be used for a big or little occasion. We will also take care of the photo booth so that all of your visitors may make use of the magic mirror to its full potential. To receive a quotation for your Magic mirror photo booth rental, be sure to get in touch with us immediately! So, if you’re planning a wedding and want to do something different, hire Magic selfie mirror Kent to see why a Magic mirror photo booth is the ideal option for you.

Vibrant Animations And Spoken Prompts Entertain Guests.

A Magic mirror photo booth is a fantastic addition to any event. Since it keeps attendees entertained from the moment they arrive. It is available with a variety of colorful animations, audio prompts, and other fascinating features. A Magic Mirror photo booth is the most thrilling addition to any wedding reception or event. Guests may engage in an interactive session with the photo booth, sign their names on the mirror, compete in a shouting contest, and even email photographs directly to their phones.

It Serves As A Souvenir For Your Guests

In the past, people used to carry their smartphones around with them everywhere they went in order to shoot images. Magic mirror photo booths allow you to take digital photos directly in front of your eyes. And have them printed right there on the spot. Because of this, it will make no difference if your guests do not have a smartphone. Each plan includes the option of bespoke graphic design. That allows you to have your requirements tailored to your specifications. Thus, it will serve as a memento for your visitors, which they will be able to appreciate for a lifetime.

It Is Simple To Use

Magic Selfie Mirror can take professional-looking single portrait shots or group selfies with up to 12 people at a time for large group fun! Magic Mirrors are equipped with photo technology that is dependable and simple to use. The easy on-screen instructions and engaging animations reflective touch panels make it simple and intuitive to operate the devices. You can make full-length pictures in no time, with the opportunity to digitally sign them on-screen before making high-quality copies to take home with them after the session.

We Can Make Your Wedding a One-of-a-Kind Event!

Are you planning something particularly memorable for your Special Day? Trez Entertainment assists you in fulfilling your dream by providing you with bespoke and affordable event management services. The services include DJ hire, Photo Booth, and Magic Mirror. Magic mirror by Trez is where you can take wonderful images with your family and friends. Contact us now to learn more. Make your reservation for a Magic Mirror photo booth as soon as possible before it’s too late! HURRY!

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