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How do I Easily Setup & Install Linksys Router?

A router is basically a box that allows multiple devices to join with the same network. The devices can be anything, including computers or smart phones. The router is then connected with a modem to offer an internet connection, to the devices connected to the router. Linksys is one of the renowned names in the router industry, and in this blog, we will discuss the step by step solution for Linksys router install.

Know the Steps for the Set-Up of Linksys Router

Step 1: Connect the Router

  • Firstly, unpack the network cable and the power cable from the Linksys router
  • In the free LAN port on your modem plug the first end of the network cable
  • Now, plug the other end of the cable into the yellow port labeled internet of your router
  • Plug the adapter into the free power outlet and plug the power cable into your router
  • Turn on the router with the button nestled on the back of the router

Step 2: Install your Router

  • Ensure that your system is connected to the router. It is possible by plugging the network cable into your laptop/computer and connects it to the blue network ports on the router. You can also set up a wireless connection, and you will get the login details at the bottom of the router
  • Navigate the installation page of your router
  • Enter the ‘Linksys Smart Wifi setup’
  • To continue tick the box nestled next to ‘I have read and accepted the License Terms for using this software’
  • Click on Next
  • The router will now automatically correct the settings for your connection
  • In case you are not using the modem from your provider and have connected the router directly, then you might have to enter the username and password. You can check with your internet provider if required
  • If the connection fails to work after this, then the router gives numerous tips that you can check. It offers the users an opportunity to check if they have done anything wrong
  • If it will be successful, then the Linksys router will check if there are any updates from the software
  • Now give the network name under Network Name and enter the password for your Wifi network
  • In case you set up the router via a wireless network, then you will have to connect to the Wifi network similarly like step 6
  • Now, create a password to access your router
  • Now, you will get a display message saying ‘Your router is set up.’ Click on Next to complete the installation process
  • Lastly, you just need to set up a ‘Linksys Smart Wifi Account.’ You can use this account to manage your router using the smartphone app from Linksys. If you intend to do that, then it is advisable to do it on a priority

Follow the steps mentioned above for the Linksys router installation. This stepwise guide will definitely help you in the setup.   

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