What Is A Motion Sensor? How Does A Motion Sensor Work?

How Does a Motion Detector Work: Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor, also known as motion sensor, is an electronic device that detects movement of an object when it moves within its sight. It does so by sending the IR light coming from the object or bouncing off it.

These sensors are used to detect the presence of people in a room and understand where and when the space is being used.

With this equipment, the workplace managers can utilize the insides of the buildings and resources accordingly for example, adjusting the heating, cooling and other energies which are being optimized in the building.

How Does A Motion Sensor Work?

Motion sensors detect movement using a pyroelectric sensor that has two special diode areas. These diodes change the IR light from the object into an electric charge. 

When a pair of pyroelectric sensors are placed next to each other. Any change in the signal would turn the motion sensor on ( for instance, if a person leaves or enters a room)

The physical design has a total of four diode areas.  Which minimizes the number of possible false alarms that can be generate. And improves the accuracy and performance of the device. 

The modern motion sensors can be connected to the internet and be easily included in Internet of Things(IoT). This facility integrates the measurement occupancy with the output of other sensors. Such as temperature sensors and improves accuracy and performance of the device.

The Mat on Guards Wireless Motion Sensor

Customers at Mat On Guard use these sensors to manage the patients at home and could also be used in offices. It comes with a Chime Receiver (Pager) to give the patient a carer an added level of support towards fall prevention for their patients.

The support base of the wireless motion sensor can be positioned at the floor lever and adjusted accordingly towards the foot of the patient’s bed. After which the portable receiver can be carried around the hospital/building within the range of 150 meters. If the patient attempts to get out of the bed and steps on the floor, the sensor gets activated and it sends a radio signal to the receiver and alerts the caregiver. 

The PIR triggers by movement within a range of 5 meters, 110 degree horizontal and 45 degree vertical. Multiple motion sensors can be added to monitor the exits and hallways, all connected to the same receiver. And also multiple receivers can be added for different caregivers.

Not only this, the chime receiver comes with 32-types of alert tunes and Volume can be adjust according to your preference.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Motion Sensor?

Traditionally used as automatic lighting solutions and alarm systems, they have other uses too. They can be use in offices, hospitals, healthcare facilities, etc.

Motion Sensors and Room Occupancy

It has really become important for many organizations to keep track of how rooms are used with the shift in how people work and the rise in real estate costs. 

The wireless motion sensors can be use to track the data from the usage of restrooms. Desks and meeting rooms, allowing organizations to schedule when the cleaning is necessary.  By a proper analysis of the sensor data, organizations can determine which area needs cleaning. This approach can be use for several other advantages:

  • Cost saving by avoiding unnecessary expenditure on other equipment. 
  • Energy conservation by not using lights and equipment when not in need. 
  • Accurate data for evaluating the patient’s whereabouts and movements. 


The wireless motion sensor is a user-friendly device that works well with the other devices by Mat on Guard. This device provides accurate and real-time data on how the space is being use. Whether the patient needs assistance or not etc. This simple installation saves you from unnecessary costs, prevents patient/caregiver frustration, and buying of expensive equipment for the same purpose. 

Over time, the data collection helps in making a schedule for the patients, office spaces so that it keeps running effectively. 

Mat on Guard offers a complete range of sensors and other devices that share data through a common system, which meets the customer needs and satisfies them as it comes budget friendly. Mat on Guard is one of the best place where one can get best elderly. And patient care, by using it’s floor or pressure sensor mats. These mats improve elderly care/safety. Mat on guard variety and different range of products which helps to improve patient and elderly care. Some of the product which mat on guard offers are nurse call systems, floor pressure mats, PIR sensor etc.


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