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How Google Analytics can help in SEO optimization

If you are reading this, then you probably have a tad bit of knowledge about Google Analytics, its importance, and how it can help in customizing your SEO efforts.

How do you define Google Analytics?

Google Analytics enables you to know more about your customer preferences and choices.

It indicates the amount of traffic you receive over your website and helps you forecast the changes you need to make on your website. It can enhance both your online business and brand.

How can you track your SEO optimization using the Google analytics tool?

Merge Your Console Account

Merging your console account along with your analytics can give you a real-time vision about improvements required in the SEO for each webpage of your website. For more SEO improvements, you can contact an SEO company.

A Useful Tool for SEO

Google Analytics is a handy tool for keeping a check over the spam traffic and preventing erroneous reports.

Measuring SEO Goals

You can start an SEO campaign and create SEO goals accordingly. It is easier for you to track the conversion page that contains SEO related keywords.

A Marker of User Experience

You can easily keep a check over the user experience through Google analytics. If you receive a poor response rate, probably you can improvise your SEO methods and add more keywords to attract clients.

Regular Updates

Google changes its features every moment. Analytics can help you monitor those changes, apply them to your website, and make it SEO friendly.

Top Ranking

The more you understand customer preferences, the more easily you can apply the SEO optimization process that would make your website rank in the SERPs.

Keyword Tracking

Through the combination of analytics and console, it would become easier for you to track keywords that have a high search rate. This would enable your web page in becoming more SEO friendly.

Flexible Monitoring

If you are, a website owner and you need to monitor your SEO efforts using Google analytics. It is entirely your choice to keep a check either daily, weekly, monthly. The generated reports help you in modifying and making necessary changes over your website.

Hunting Referral Sites

When you are doing both on-page and off-page SEO, you need to find referral sites and quality backlinks in order to make the necessary changes to your website and to promote them. Google Analytics makes these tasks effortless, and you can easily locate websites that can have a good response rate.

Keeping a Check Over PPC Count

When you organize an SEO campaign, it is essential for you to keep monitoring the PPC results. You can use these results to modify your SEO efforts.


When you use Google analytics for reviewing your website, you can make minor adjustments to it and improve its qualitative prospects.

Free Tool

The good news is that Google Analytics is a free tool and helps in bringing significant changes in your website. You do not have to spend a huge amount of money on checking different attributes of your website rather than you can improve it continually.

Selective Results

Let us say you wish to view the amount of organic traffic over your website and make necessary SEO efforts to gather more traffic. You can simply filter the options and choose to view only organic traffic visits and then decide your strategy.

Keeping An Eye Over Your Competitors

It is obvious everyone who owns an online business has a competitor. With the help of Google analytics, it is easier to keep an eye over your competitors launched marketing campaigns. You can check its backlinks and traffic rate. It is a strategic way of improving your website performance and driving the organic traffic towards your products.

Grouping The Scattered Traffic

If you own a website that hosts multiple blogs on various topics and you receive a huge amount of traffic from different age groups or different locations, grouping them for better results is more convenient. Using Google Analytics, you can create various segments of the traffic and then work out strategies of targeting the particular segment for a better response rate.

Adding Quality Parameters

When you consistently gauge the traffic visits using Google Analytics, it becomes easier for you to add quality parameters to your website so that the audience who visit your site get in-depth knowledge about your services and products.


Gaining a good amount of traffic over your website requires a lot of effort. It might take a lot of time to get to a top position and remain in Google’s good books. Thanks to Google analytics and its amazing features, SEO optimization has become simple and easy to implement.

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