How Salesforce Einstein is Leveraging the AI Cloud?

Artificial Intelligence is changing our lives as we speak. 

By making it possible for machines to do repetitive tasks or making smart use of data to improve business functionality, AI has completely changed the way businesses, engineering teams, and medical professionals work. In fact, AI is changing the way medical treatment is now being carried out for health conditions which were difficult to resolve for centuries. The application of AI has made companies, machines, and people smarter. By using cloud computing, companies can secure bulk quantities of data from unlawful breaches and can access them from anywhere at any point of time. Social media channels have made it easier for people and enterprises to stay connected and exchange information and ideas at the click of a button. Internet of Things (IoT) has made it possible for people to have access to tools like wearable technology, smartphones, smart home appliances and technologies, and advanced personal computers. It has also made better functioning of airline services and industrial automation possible. 

Cloud computing is changing business processes

One of the areas in which AI has made leaps and bounds of improvement is cloud computing. The great thing about cloud technology is that it offers endless storage space along with high-security features and this has made it possible for companies to work with large volumes of data seamlessly around the clock. The internet has made it possible for people to stay connected with one another the whole time and people also remain engaged with a wide range of apps and services. Such connections are also giving rise to bulk loads of new data that the AI cloud is required to process. It is common these days for people to get movie recommendations from their Amazon Prime and Netflix subscriptions. Online shopping websites also offer product recommendations to customers based on the record of their previous purchases. Ever cab services like Uber and travel service companies like Airbnb make use of AI to attend to the needs of their customers.    

Common challenges in using AI cloud for businesses

The increased need for the implementation of AI has now made it necessary to have apps that can leverage the powerful tools offered by AI. The integration of common apps with AI can make it easier for businesses to study their leads and learn more about opportunities that are promising. Nevertheless, there are some difficulties in using AI for diverse business processes. AI is based on data science which starts with the proper collection and management of vital data which can then be made ready for the purpose of machine learning. In some cases, the input of data scientists also becomes essential to come up with predictive models from the available data. This can eventually help the team to develop a secure and customizable infrastructure that can help an enterprise to make use of such information in a business context. It is exactly here that Salesforce Einstein comes in.  

What is Salesforce Einstein?

Salesforce Einstein is an AI system made for the Salesforce Customer Success Platform that aims to resolve the common challenges businesses face when they want to make the most of AI. Salesforce Einstein has been currently made available for the main cloud products offered by Salesforce. It can be further upgraded to Einstein Vision that offers additional image recognition features. The main aim of the Salesforce Einstein AI platform is to provide a better perspective about customers and possible sales prospects to the sales and marketing team of a company. The Salesforce CRM is now further empowered with machine learning as well as deep learning analytics. With the customer data provided by Salesforce Einstein, it is possible for business firms to deliver better customer service every time. The data can also help companies to determine the probable customer behavior beforehand so that the sales team can decide on the communication methods that would work best for a specific buyer. 

Most of the Salesforce development Companies in India nowadays recommend their clients to work with Salesforce Einstein for the distinct range of benefits that it has to offer. CRMs these days are highly data-driven and this has naturally increased the importance of predictive analytics. The features available with Salesforce Einstein can assist in working with both structured and unstructured data so that the best sales and marketing campaigns can be planned. 

What is structured and unstructured data?

Salesforce Consulting Companies identify two main types of data that can be used by businesses when they are looking to make use of AI for their goals. These are called structured and unstructured data. Let’s have a closer look at these terms.  

Structured data

Structured data is mainly comprised of ERP and CRM data. They can be easily detected with basic algorithms and are often obtained from IoT devices. Market data, GPS data, transaction data, product sales data, CRM data, POS data, service tickets, and call details records are some of the types of data that fall under structured data. 

Unstructured data

Unstructured data is typically collected from emails, SMSs, videos, audio files, weblogs, Word docs, social media, and PPT presentations just to name a few. It heavily uses machine learning algorithms as well as deep learning tools in order to simplify the searching process. 

How Salesforce Einstein is simplifying data algorithms?

Developments made in the world of AI have been greatly due to the improvements of the associated algorithms. The algorithms are complex and based on the diverse data collected from various sources. Salesforce Einstein is now coming up with ways in which further innovations can be made in these algorithms while at the same time simplifying their functionalities. This can also improve the user experience that is generated by using them. Highly advanced infrastructure is now being used to push the boundaries in terms of what can be achieved with these algorithms. No matter the type of input you are working with, you can leverage the APIs offered by Salesforce Einstein that can help you to seamlessly gather vital output and insights from the data you offer.

Salesforce Einstein also implements deep learning at all stages of the process so that the applications can become highly useful and multifunctional. The models that are offered by deep learning infrastructure are perfectly scalable and so they can suit the needs of all types of companies. At the end of the day, you can have a better grasp over your model metrics so that you can predict customer behavior accurately. You can also endlessly customize the functions and features of these models. A qualified Salesforce developer can help you to work with a broad range of models that can be good for your business.   

Einstein Vision as a deep learning tool

Einstein Vision is a deep learning AI cloud tool offered by Salesforce Einstein that makes use of a convolutional neural network. This means that the data is arranged here in layers and every subsequent layer develops knowledge and understanding from the previous layer. No matter the type of input is presented, Einstein Vision studies it thoroughly to retain all vital information from it. The unique thing about the Einstein Vision tool is that it can work with images and shapes to gather information and then use it for driving visual search results that are deemed necessary in the world of retail and online shopping.

Benefiting from Salesforce Einstein is only possible when you have a reliable Salesforce developer by your side. These professionals are knowledgeable about all facets of the functioning of Salesforce CRM and they can provide you with solutions that can be beneficial for you in more ways than one. They can also assist you with your Salesforce customization so that you can deliver the best customer service to your buyers and accurately understand the needs and behavioral patterns of your customers.

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