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How to Analyze Your Competitors on Instagram Effectively?

Instagram was initially launched as a casual photo-sharing application for sharing selfies and funny videos. The Instagram application has evolved into one of the digital world’s most prominent platforms in over a decade. According to a report, more than 61% of marketers and 51% of consumers use Instagram anticipatively.

Hence, businesses need to analyze their competitors on the platform and craft a game plan to stay ahead of the competition. Instagram competitor analysis can help companies to compete with the top brands in their niche.

By doing competitor analysis, you can find out what content your competitors create and share. You can use tools like InstaFetcher to download and watch your competitors’ Instagram posts offline. In doing so, you can quickly develop new strategies to outperform them.

Instagram Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is the process of researching, comparing, and evaluating the perks and lows of competitor brands strategically. It also involves taking an in-depth look into every factor of your competitors’ brands, from marketing strategy to pricing. An Instagram competitor analysis may also help establish what distinguishes a service or product, including the aspects that grab your target market’s attention.

Let’s break down how to analyze your competitors on Instagram effectively.

#1 Discover Your Competitors

Direct and indirect competitors play similar roles in the Instagram marketing strategy. Every brand and business competes for clients’ attention. Celebrities, influencers, and every popular account on Instagram fight for audience engagement. Hence, your indirect competitors are also your rivals on the platform.

  • You can quickly discover your brand’s competitors.
  • Social media platforms with various target niches have a prominent influence on audiences’ decisions. 
  • You can locate your competitors by observing the conversations in online communities or forums where your potential customers are.

#2 Understand Your Competitors’ Brand

After identifying your competitors, it is time to understand their services and products.

  • Positioning

Go through the competitor’s e-commerce website and other social media accounts in order to understand their brand positioning. Identify who they are targeting and what type of content they are creating.

Also, look at the captions and hashtags they utilize in their Instagram posts. Additionally, you can leverage the free instagram caption downloader tool to download your competitor’s captions.

  • Strategy

Look up their Instagram marketing strategies to find out their techniques to incorporate them into your brand’s marketing strategies. Closely watch how often they post content on social media and which type of content their audiences show more interest in.

  • Reputation

Check out your competitors’ e-commerce websites or landing pages to go through their product reviews. Take notes on negative and positive comments and work them out on your marketing strategies.

From their Instagram business account’s profile picture to their product’s landing page, you need to conduct a thorough competitor analysis. Moreover, you can take advantage of the free instagram dp downloader tool to download the profile photo of your competitor’s Instagram account. Using that, you can also download all your favorite celebrities’ Instagram profile pictures seamlessly.

#3 Do SWOT Analysis

Perform the SWOT analysis, which is also known as the strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats study. Consider it in order to learn the strengths and defenses to outperform your rivals in your Instagram marketing campaigns. Set these as your goals and start to work toward accomplishing them.

Take advantage of the abilities of your competitors as your target and work towards it to outrank them on the Instagram platform. For example, if one of your competitor’s posts went viral, take inspiration from it and create content like it. But do not copy it. Just get the ideas and incorporate them into your own content strategy.

#4 Take Your Competitive Advantage

Identify your niche and get inspiration from your competitors’ Instagram content strategies that might work for your business. And then, come up with new ideas that make your content stand out from the competition. You have two inevitable options: one is you can stand out from the crowd, and the other one is you can outperform your competitors.

After putting your Instagram content strategies into practice, you need to pay more attention, learn from them, and develop them to your advantage. Make sure to create and share interaction and engagement-worth posts. It is the critical factor in Instagram’s algorithm to boost your posts and account’s exposure.

To Conclude

Hopefully, this article helps you find out how to analyze your competitors on Instagram effectively. Knowing your competition and planning your content strategies accordingly will help you make your brand noticeable and gain sufficient recognition.

Watch your competitors, what they are doing, the type of content they create, and how they attract and engage with their audience. Do not copy them. Instead, try to utilize insights you have gathered from your Instagram competitor analysis. If you do so, you can create a solid content plan that is relevant to your target audience.

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