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How To Convert Photo To PDF By Using The Right Tool

With technological advancements, today, we have a lot of new techniques to simplify our daily chores. A decade before scanning, creating PDFs and images to PDF conversion was very challenging. Now with the scanning app and image to PDF converter apps, we can quickly scan, generate PDFs, and convert photos into PDF.

Moreover, with the increasing usage of such apps, now we have a number of apps in the market that give excellent scans and accurate JPG to PDF conversion. Do you need to convert your photo into a PDF file format? Let’s know how to achieve this conversion easily with the PDF creator apps

Convert Your JPG Files Into PDF File Format With FlashScan 

Need To Convert JPG to PDF file format? you can do it in just a few seconds! In this article, we will first reveal the advantages of converting a photo into a PDF with an image to PDF converter. then we will introduce you to the best photo to pdf maker.

Why Do We Need To Convert An Image Into A PDF File Format?

Converting images from JPG to PDF gives many benefits over saving them in their native formats. Firstly, PDF files take a lot less room on your devices than JPEG. 

JPEG file size can differ extensively depending on the resolution of any image. The scalability of JPEG images also generates issues in printing. The print quality of the JPG file image depends on the resolution, and the printout may have a different appearance than the on-screen image. 

Also, JPG images do not size down to small size well. This creates a difficulty if the image includes icons, symbols, or text parts in it (e.g., labels, slogans, and other non-graphical content).

Moreover, we cannot expand JPEG images, and if we do so, it looks fuzzy. That’s why we need to convert photos, and images into PDF for better conversion and visibility. A photo to PDF maker helps us to convert it quickly.

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FlashScan: The Most Accurate Image To PDF Converter

There are many photos of PDF makers in the market. But FlashScan is one of the best PDF creator apps. Here are the reasons why it is the best image to PDF maker.

  1. It Generates Clear and Sharp PDFs- FlashScan gives crisp and clear PDfs in no time. It removes the background noise of the photo and gives sharp PDFs.
  2. Offers Various PDF Page Sizes-FlashScan also offers different page sizes for your PDFs. Generate Letter, Legal, Tabloid, Ledger, Executive, A3, A4, A5 in no time. This image to PDF converter offers A4 size by default.
  3. Choose System-generated file Name- With this PDF creator app, you can get a system-generated file name for easy naming. you can also use your desired name.
  4. Get Compressed PDFs- FlashScan is one of the best photos to PDF makers. It allows you to choose the file size from original or compressed.

How To Convert Photo To PDF With The FlashScan App?

Converting files into PDF is easy with this photo to PDF maker. Follow these steps to convert your photo into a PDF file. But first, you need to download the FlashScan app

Step 1: Open the FlashScan app and go to the home screen. Tap on the Doc Scanner and you will find the media and camera button here.

Step 2: Tap on the camera button and take a clear photo of the image that you want to scan. You can choose a photo directly from the gallery by tapping on the gallery button.

Step 3:  Do you want to use post-scan filters? Use various post-scan filters before saving the scan. Save your scanned result as PDF. 

Step 4: Here you can pick file size for your PDF. FlashScan offers Letter, Legal, Ledger, Executive, A3, A4, A5 sizes. Name your file and choose its quality(original or compressed) before saving. The compressed file size is easy for sharing.

That’s it! FlashScan is the simplest image to the PDF maker app. 

What Are The Added Benefits Of Using FlashScan?

FlashScan is the fastest photo to PDF maker. Here are its value-added benefits.

  • FlashScan scans all types of papers. Easily produce clear and sharp high-quality PDF with this PDF creator app.
  • The OCR feature is a skillful text extractor. It reads the text completely and also assists translation. You can access OCR to translate scanned documents from English to various languages.
  • The post-scan filters such as Grey Mode, Magic Color, and Black &White 1,2 are distinctive features that enhance scanned qualities.
  • It offers decent QR and Barcode scans.
  • Anytime sort your papers with the Sort By feature.


FlashScan is the best image for the PDF converter app. Generate clear and sharp PDFs with this PDF creator app.

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