How to Export Google Takeout Data to Office 365 Account?

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After everything is said and done, one of the most challenging jobs that businesses face is not how they handle their customers or their staff, nor is it how they aim to increase their company’s productivity. It involves protecting the digital data files that are the backbone of their organisational structure.

Nearly all business choices are based on data. Therefore, protecting data is more crucial than keeping money in a savings account. You only make money with data, after all.

We’ll go through how to export Google Takeout data to Office 365 in this post. This is a popular search for many people. Do not start a new tab if you are one of them. Continue to read!

Reasons Why Does User Need to Transfer Google Takeout to Microsoft 365

Due to Office 365’s cloud functionality, many individuals and businesses all around the globe wish to move their preserved takeout files there. Along with the cloud facility, the following additional incredible features are available:

  1. All Microsoft Office products with cloud capabilities are included in Office 365.
  2. Administrators of Microsoft 365 have access to every O365 user account.
  3. With any computer, you can easily access Microsoft 365 from anywhere.
  4. With Office 365, you get the most recent security measures. using updates, as well.

Best Way to Export Google Takeout Data to Office 365 Account Directly

For the purpose of moving data from a Google Takeout account to Office 365. First and foremost, MBOX files are necessary. Therefore, let’s review how to get Google Gmail MBOX files:

  • To access Google Takeout, log in to your Gmail account.
  • From the menu bar, choose “Download Data.”
  • Choose “Mail” from the list of choices after selecting “Create Archive.”
  • You will now get a Zip file containing all the data.

All that’s left to do is export Google Takeout data to Office 365 now that you have Zip files on hand. 4n6 Google Takeout File Converter is the ideal converting option.

Eventually! I have one answer. I eventually came upon the correct answer by using Google Takeout to Office 365 Exporter. But as time went on, new questions kept popping into my head. I then spoke with the support directly to have all of my questions answered. The technical expert I was speaking with informed me that the Google to Office 365 conversion software had a free demo version that I may use to fully comprehend the product.

How to Use Google Takeout to Office 365 Exporter?

  1. Firstly, download the Google Takeout to Office 365 exporter and then install it
  2. After that, click the Open button and then choose Email data file > Google Takeout file option and upload the zip files
  3. Thereafter, click on the Export button and then select the Office 365 option to continue the conversion process
  4. Enter office 365 login credentials and then hit the save button

Google Takeout to Office 365 Exporter

Benefits of Google Takeout to Office 365 Exporter

  • It is a totally automated piece of software that just needs your Office 365 login information to do the job. Additionally, no extra application is needed for the conversion procedure.
  • All email content, including attachments, to, cc, bcc, signatures, subjects, HTML links, online titles, and more, is retained by the tool.
  • The software is perfect for simultaneously uploading several MBOX files to the Microsoft 365 cloud. saves consumers’ time and effort as well.
  • The MBOX file from the computer may be chosen as a selected file or a folder using one of the two choices provided by this program. Select a strategy based on your needs.
  • It is a Windows-based tool that works with both current and prior versions of Windows. updated to the most recent Windows Server release.


With the aforementioned technology, export Google Takeout data to Office 365 is simple. It is an automated solution, as well. Google Takeout to Office 365 Migrator often offers advantages to consumers. A suitable software with all required functionality is this software. So avoid falling victim to commercial traps. Additionally, place a wager on the Google Takeout to Microsoft 365 Migrator.

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