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How to Grow Your Instagram Fashion and Beauty Account?

The visual nature of Instagram makes it the best platform for beauty and fashion-oriented content. The catchy nature of this content has the potential to attract the right audience. The fashion and beauty accounts can convert their passion into a business and make money as well.

But all this requires having an Instagram account which is popular and liked by many. Only then will your content be shared voluntarily.

With an average of 500 million, this platform’s visual nature can do the job easily only if coupled with the right kind of strategies and activities.

To grow the reach of profiles means more engagement on your posts and content. More engagement refers to having more people going through your feed. It means having more Instagram followers. This post will help you make the right changes to grow your beauty and fashion Instagram account.

Thinking About Followers?

If you are thinking about fake followers or likes, note that it will not help you generate organic engagement required by the social media platform to check if the profile should be ranked and authentic.

So here we provide you with some simple strategies to build Grow Your Instagram fashion and beauty account.

Attractive Content and Posts

One of the most important in channeling the audience to your Instagram is making the content as eye-catchy as possible. People don’t come to Instagram to see bland and boring content.

Ace video photo editing. Your goal is to bring back the person who visited your profile once and not leave without pressing the Follow button on your Instagram profile.

Just adding the content is not enough. Your content should be unique and resonate with what your audience is looking for. Remember, content creation is the heart and soul of earning popularity on Instagram.

Behind The Scenes

Posting behind the scenes can be an attractive way to engage your audience. People enjoy seeing the fun part of how something was created and what enjoyment they had shooting it. For beauty profiles, posting behind the scenes for makeup tutorials will be funny.

Share everything that went and how you still managed to create this look. For the fashion Instagrammers, you can post the photoshoots, how you chose the location and settings.

You will find many ideas for posting content, but making them enjoyable is the key.

Plan The Timing of Your Posts

One of the best strategies is to plan your posts’ timing and schedule before adding any content. Not all the time, you get your target audience’s attention. You will have to understand when your posts and content get the most views and likes.

Just random pictures at different times of the day are not going to help you a lot. Make a flow of related content every day to create anticipation and wait in your audience. they should wait for the next picture or video in the loop.

For a fashion Instagram account posting pictures of the photoshoot and videos will engage the audience. Moreover, you can also put weekly reminders to plan, so you don’t have to sift through your photos when making a post.

Look At Your Competition-What They are Doing

Going through your competitors’ profiles will help you know what they are doing and what you are dealing with as well. Without knowing your competitor, you can’t plan your moves to compete and bring something better.

If you are a newbie in this field, following the experts will increase and speed up your learning exponentially.

Make Collaborations

Making collaborations with other Instagrammers in your field is an excellent way to get noticed. Partnerships help to share the audience with each other.

When collaborating with other accounts from the similar industry, make sure their follower is either comparable or not too less. Because if you collaborate with a very small account, it is not going to help. But neither a big account will collab with you until you have something unique to offer.

Beyond that, you can also collaborate and work with different labels in the beauty and fashion industry. If the brands repost and mention you, that exposure will help you achieve the public’s visibility.

Always work with the most relatable brands so they can boost their Instagram presence. Working with random brands will signal the followers that you are not consistent in your work.

Add Your Flavor to Your Instagram

Create your personality around your Instagram account. Add a distinct theme stan apart from the crowd. Try to be true to yourself because we all are unique in our thoughts, likes, and dislikes. Imitating others will create boredom, and your audience won’t be able to see the true you.

There is no denying that when someone creates something, they put a part of themselves into it just like a writer writing a story. Similar is your Instagram account.

According to fashion Influencer, Amanda Shannon showing your true self to your followers by sharing life experiences will help them relate to you.

One way to do that as a fashion or beauty influencer is by sharing your likes, personal style, and choices with your followers. People like to assume that they know about people they follow and look up to.


Instagram is becoming a hub of activities for people around the globe. With an average of one Billion people interacting and using Instagram monthly, it is a huge platform to make yourself prominent. Fashion and beauty accounts have a massive advantage of being aesthetic in nature. The colorful content in itself is a way to attract an audience.

As a beauty influencer, when you share products and identify the audience who might need them, you encourage people to comment and ask questions.

These questions and comments will give you multiple ideas for your next post. Keeping in contact and communicating with the audience, your Instagram followers and likes will grow without using any shortcuts and fraudulent methods. We hope the tips mentioned above will help you make necessary changes and boost your Instagram visibility.

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