How to install Industrial Doors in India?

You can give your business a commercial industrial door Manufacturer for ease and a polished appearance. Commercial doors are strong, long-lasting, and can improve the image of your firm. They also offer the best protection for your business.

The optimum use for this door is in organizations that place a high priority on the security and safety of their resources, personnel, and customers. Warehouses, industrial structures, shopping malls, and other major corporations employ the majority of commercial doors.

For longevity and sustained function, doors must be installed correctly. You may be wondering how to correctly install commercial doors. Here are some instructions:

Prepare the Materials Required:

Make sure you have the appropriate tools and equipment for installing hollow metal door frames before you start the operation. To complete this project, the following supplies and equipment must be ready:

  • Drill \sCrowbar \sHammer
  • Level four
  • Tape measure
  • Screws with a 1.5-inch tap.
  • Cross-head screwdriver No. 2
  • Aluminium door frame (make sure it counts on jamb clips)
  • Clips for hollow metal door frames (3 anchors per side)

Remove any current mold:

Carefully remove the old door frame with a crowbar if you’re replacing it. Removing the top molding The bottom and center moldings should then be removed. Continue doing this until the entire frame has been taken off.

The hinges can be taken out with the use of a screwdriver. Drill the metal frame, including the jambs and sills, last.

Examine the Rough Opening:

To find the right door, look for markings or numbers on it. The mark number can be found stamped into the hinge support, on the label, on the top channel, or on the bottom channel. Some things must be followed:

  • the width and height of the door’s frame;
  • the strike type;
  • the size of the hinges; and
  • the mounting of the closure.

Start your measuring tape at the outside side of the jambs to determine the width of the frame. You will need to increase this measurement by a half-inch.

Add 1/4 inch to your frame’s size to get its height. If it isn’t level, we suggest raising the header by 0.5 inches; this will allow you enough room to level the frame correctly.

Reopen the door. Check that the door is in line with the drawing to make sure you have the proper door, frame, and hardware installed.

Verify the Dimensions:

Make sure that the aperture in the frame is the proper width, level, and square before you start the door installation. If they are not properly measured, it may result in issues with door fit and functionality.

Make sure the door and frame have the fire label, if necessary. Review the hardware timetable, please. Please get in touch with your distributor if the information is incorrect.

Placing A Frame In The Opening:

It’s time to fasten the frame to the opening at this point. When bending the anchor ties, keep in mind to utilize your hammer. The frame should ideally be center on both sides as well. Make sure your door’s top jamb is horizontally aligned.

The hollow metal door frame anchors should then be secure to the hinge side. Per clip, use two screws. The strike side must be directly oppose at this step. If you wish to install jambs bigger than 6 inches, you need three screws.

Attach the steel bolts for the floor and ceiling jambs last. The studs are position against the frames to do this.

Jamb anchors must be position at the top of each frame for doors that are 30 inches or bigger. For doors that are 7 feet or taller, it is also a good idea to utilize more clips on the frames.

Use the Hinges:

To find the top of the door, compare the hinge locations on your door and the frames. The top hinge location will not be as exact as the frame location to allow for clearance between the frame and the door when it is fit.

Make sure to check the door and frame’s reinforcements and screw holes for foreign objects. Clear the support of any grout, filler, or paint stains.

To remove any debris from screw holes, use a tap or a screwdriver. To confirm whether you are using heavy or regular weight hinges, check the submittals or the hardware schedule.

Using the machine screws provide by the hinge manufacturer, standard weight hinges can be fasten to doors. Don’t overtighten the machine screws.

Complete the Installation:

By raising the door, you can move it closer to the opening. Put a wooden wedge under the door or another support there to support the weight.

Be sure to line up the top hinge of the door with the opening in your frame designated for the top hinge. Typically, the top hinge is fit first in order to hold the weight of the door. Using the machine screws that the hinge manufacturer supplied, install the hinges at the top hinge location.

Set up the middle and bottom hinges. Remove all supports underneath the door, including the wooden wedge. Verify that the door is shut and that there is enough space between the edge of the door and the rabbet of the frame. The door ought should swing open easily.

Install any additional hardware, such as the closer or lockset. Install the lockset and open and shut the door to verify that the strike is correctly engage. Make sure your door frame is properly install before covering the wall. Verify that everything is in working condition.

You can always get assistance from experts with your door installation. You can be confident that they will know how to install a commercial door, and that your commercial door installation will be excellent.

The majority of hardware components come with installation instructions, but not frames or doors because commercial door manufacturers don’t include print instructions with their products. We advise contacting a certify handyman or license contractor to install the doors we provide because some installations may be too complicate for a novice. Additionally, Stairway Studio only offers goods that are meant to be use in business buildings.

Even though we don’t provide installation or field maintenance services, our support staff has put together a number of tips to help you install our products correctly.


It’s time to gather the necessary tools and hardware for the project now that you know how to install them from the industrial door Manufacturer in your building. Stairway Studio experts ensure a hassle-free installation of doors. We are committed to quality assurance with budget-friendly services that enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space. Our experienced professionals help you with the timely placement of doors that are termite-free, water-resistant, fire-proof, and free from other outer disturbances.

Stairway Studio (SS) is frame by our cooperative, the adaptable design team in door manufacturing and steel structures; our technical and experience professionals are committ to providing the best products meeting the basic and major requirements of Doors and Frames that are back up by our customer services.

When a door is put correctly, whether it is made of steel or wood, the Stairway Studio Installation Team shall make all the difference! Please contact us via our contact us page if you have any additional questions, and we will be pleased to help.

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