How To Keep Your Cashmere Throw new Years After Years

The winter nights must have become warmer when you snuggle into your favorite Throws. When you wrap up yourself in those gorgeous throws, you must be worried to think about how to keep the glamour of these exclusive accessories.

As per the rule of time, everything bound to wear out with use. No matter how carefully you use the throws, the fluffiness can turn into fuzziness soon.

After sometimes you will notice small balls like pilling and bobbins on the surface. Your beautiful and gorgeous woolen throw can transform into shabby and you may feel heartbroken.

If you feel sad, then please don’t be. You can easily keep the woolen as good as new. All you need are the tips to keep the Cashmere Throws new years after years.

However, you must know that pilling is quite common for any natural fiber, especially for the Cashmere. There are many loose fibers in the weave that make their way up to the surface. On the surface, they stick with each other resulting in those pesky balls.

To prevent the problem, you have to get rid of all the loose fiber from the woolen throws.

• General Upkeep:
You have to beat and shake the throw regularly to dislodge the loose fibers so that they don’t cling to each other and create the pilling. It is important to shake the blanket every week. You can hang the throw from a rack and use a badminton or tennis racket to whack. When you get rid of those loose fibers, it will also look and smell fresh.

• Iron and Steam:
Use the wool setting of the iron to steam it with hot water. It will give the throw extra volume and help the piling goes back to the fabric. The heat of the water will kill the dust mites as well. For the best result, you have to follow the sequence of shake, then steam, then iron then again shake, and finally hangover

• De-fuzz:
If the piling has reached a stage where you can see the balls on the surface, combing with the help of the de-fuzzing machine is the only way. To keep your Cashmere Throws pill-free; it is the most effective way. It is advisable to do the process with the machine only as doing it by hand can be an intensive and time-consuming process.

• Shave:
It is the last strain, you can do to make the cashmere throw like new. However, you need to have guts to do that but the result will be a new Cashmere Throw without any pill.

The process is quite similar to the de-fuzzer. You need to make sure that the blades are new and sharp. Now you have to spread the throw straight on the floor. Secure all the ends so that there will be no shifting of the surface during the process. Now drag the razor lightly on the surface. Never put pressure while shaving as it may cause a hole.

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