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How to Make Money from Blogging?

Two decades ago, many resorted to blogging to make their views visible to the audience. Then, there were companies with business websites to provide information to the target audience. But now, since a decade, the entire concept of blogging has undergone a major change. Now, there are persons who are full-time bloggers, and they earn a six-digit salary. In this article let us focus on the methods on how to make money from blogging by various methods.

Yet, money-making by blogging depends on a few factors such as –

  • The niche you want to write on
  • The time you take to dedicate to improve your digital presence (blogging)
  • The amount of visitors (traffic)
  • The methods you implement to make money (digital marketing, affiliate marketing), etc.

You can make money from blogging by various advertisements such as –

  • Direct advertisements
  • Native advertising
  • Selling products (ebooks)
  • Online courses
  • Online Counseling/Consulting
  • Giving paid Guest Posts
  • Writing Reviews

The most popular ad networks used by bloggers are –

  • Google Adsense

 You need to have a perfect blog to make some money from these two platforms. If your website traffic is low, you can make use of other ads, but the best method is to make use of the mentioned ad platforms.

Use Affiliate Marketing on your Blog

A. Banner Advertisements

If your blog is related to technology, then you can sell some spaces on the web pages to brands that are related to the readers. If you have a popular article which is about mobile brands, you can post advertisements in a category which has articles on cell phones. They are usually placed at the top of sidebars or blog pages.

You can earn money in two ways – CPC – Cost per Click. In this method, you can get a fixed payment for every click, while Cost Per Click or CPM can work on the opposite (fixed payment for 1000 impressions). If you have installed Adblocker Plugins in the blog, then you cannot get high payment. However, you can try them for a little pocket money.

B. Monetize your Blog with Call per Click or Pay Per Click ads

Affiliate Marketing

It is a new marketing technique used by bloggers or website owners to make money. You include affiliate links to your blog and earn a small amount as commission every time a reader clicks your link to get rerouted to a website where he/she should make a purchase.

If you have an Ecommerce website, then it is better to integrate with top brands’ affiliate program (Amazon, Apple and Topshop).

Please include products which cater to your blog niche. Also please write a personal description on the products so that your readers will get encouraged to make the purchase.

This is the best way for earning money via your blog. You can make use of ad networks such as Amazon Associates or make coordination with private partnerships such as advertisers and businesses having an affiliate program.

You can monetize the blog by placing ads on your blog. Two types of ads exist in digital marketing.

CPC/PPC Ads – You can keep these banners on your blog content or via the sidebar. So, every time a visitor clicks on the ad, you get paid.

CPM Ads – The full form is Cost per 1000 impressions. You get paid for the number of people who viewed your ad.

Many bloggers make use of Google Adsense for monetizing the blog. You can make Google choose the ads that are relevant to your blog and let them post the content.

C. Sales Funnel

You need to spend time with other experienced bloggers of the same niche to make money. Also, if you are going to optimize the website, then you need to create lead generations, which will make visitors, buy the products or opt for services.

D. Private Ads

You can work on your own when it comes to selling ads. If your blog is getting enough traffic, then you can expect businesses to contact for placing an ad regarding their products or services on their website. Or you can also act as a marketing representative for your blog. However, since there are no middlemen, you can set the own ad rates. There is no fixed payment, and you can charge the client weekly or every month.

E. Digital Products

If you are not interested in selling fancy/household products, consider making a sale using educational items such as ebooks, workshops, videos, images, or music. Yes, there is also an option of apps, themes, or plugins.

Do you have skills of your own? Then you can start a virtual coaching class via your blog. You can conduct video tutorials or even workshops.

F. Memberships

You can sell memberships if having a career blog. You may charge a small fee for job seekers or students to get a membership in your blog. However, you need to check every aspect of your blog – right from the layout to topics which offer advice. Also, it will be good if you had a tie-up with companies ranging from small businesses to large conglomerates.

G. Write Reviews/Advertorials as well as Sponsored Content

Let us take a case study for example. You have a blog which has full of information on household products and have a good audience. It gets more than one lakh visitors per month in India. So, you can start writing a paid article or paid blog post regarding similar products. If your name is well-entrenched in a particular business category, then you can make money by writing content on brand products. Why, even brands may make a payment to write an article about a new release product. Yes, you will also get a chance to add affiliate links on the top of the article.

H. Social Media Posts

Does your target audience access your articles through their social media platforms? Then you can post the best article containing affiliate links of brands (products) in the social media. By reposting, retweeting, resharing, you can make money.

I. Offering Paid Guest Blogs

Are you a celebrity in a certain niche? Your blog has a certain following among the target audience. So, you can offer paid guest posts to small companies. Backlinks are an important process to gain high rank in the search engines. This is considered an important tip on how to make money from blogging by various methods.


Please note, it is easy to make money with your blog, but making it popular is the most challenging task. You need to have at least a fixed number of visitors per day/week/month to gain money via the methods conveyed in this article. You may have an excellent customized blog, and you are also perfect in your niche. You also spend at least ten hours per week updating the blog. But, are you finding it difficult to drive the traffic to your website? Then enlist the help of an agency that offers the best SEO services, social media marketing services, and digital marketing in its package list. Are you a blogger from Bangalore who writes on technology and is making every effort to make it popular? You can check and select the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore to do the job. You can check the packages, marketing strategies, and then decide on the best way to make your blog gain more traffic.

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