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How to Make Vape Juice?

If you are a frequent vape juice enthusiast and you may have grown tired of spending money regularly on e-liquid to refill your e-cig then why not you make your own e-juices. Yes, it is possible to make your own vape juices in a very cost-effective way for the first time can be a failure or a big success depending on how much you understand the procedure. A simple step-by-step procedure can guide you in preparing a typical premium vape juice. But you have to ensure that you have proper ingredients and equipment whereas basic chemistry and safety measures must be practiced. So let’s get started.

Ingredients for E-Liquid preparation

Propylene Glycol (PG): Propylene Glycol is a base liquid used for making DIY e-juices. It is a colorless, odorless, organic chemical compound used in a variety of products i.e. food, tobacco, and personal care products. It is also used in some medicinal products used for inhalation, injection, oral and topical consumption. In some cases, people may show allergic to this compound as it appears stronger at the throat and causes irritation.

Vegetable Glycerol (VG): VG is an organic liquid compound which is slightly sweeter and slightly more viscous (thicker) than PG. its extract is derived from vegetables. It’s not PG but VG can slightly alter the flavor of juices either in a good way or bad way. It is also used in the manufacturing of food, cosmetics, etc. The PG/VG ratio matters the most to bring the unique character in the e-liquids. The most common ratios are 70/30, 50/50, or 30/70 e-liquid base mix.

Nicotine Liquid: You will need some diluted nicotine liquid which is available in different strengths. Thus, proper knowledge about its concentration variation is very necessary. Excessive nicotine concentration can cause nicotine overdose. Thus, you need to choose any nicotine strength between 8 to 24mg and then start to experiment with it. Nicotine has its own unique flavour. Thus, it tastes different in different strengths.

Flavoring: The last thing you need is some flavor. There are flavors available in a wide variety. For the sweetest test, you need to use flavors made particularly for inhaling rather than food flavors. The majority uses 10-20% content flavorings.

Distilled Water or Vodka: It is not really necessary but generally used to thin out 100% VG mixes. Without nicotine, vodka gives the throat hit. If you don’t want to use vodka, use distilled water.

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Mixing Equipment

  • A Measuring Beaker
  • Syringes
  • Gloves (for handling Nicotine)
  • Face shield
  • Empty bottles

Calculating the Ingredients- E-Juice Calculators

After knowing about all the ingredients now you need a calculator to calculate how much nicotine, PG/VG, and flavoring need to add to your vape juice. There are many online calculators, mobile app-based calculators are available. Eg: Suppose you want to try 30 ml with a nicotine strength of 24 mg of 70PG/30VG blend with 5 % flavorings. So, just put those values in the calculator you will get the idea about how much of those ingredients you need to put together.

Making E-Liquid

  1. Step1: Add nicotine- Measure nicotine with a syringe then put it into an empty bottle. Make sure that you are wearing gloves and a face shield before that.
  2. Step 2: Add PG- Add PG by using a measuring beaker or syringe. After that pour the liquid into the bottle containing nicotine.
  3. Step 3: Add VG-Measure required amount of VG by a beaker and transfer it into the previous bottle.
  4. Step 4: Add Flavorings- Finally add the required amount of flavor to the bottle. The final mixture is now ready.

Give it a good shake: place the drip tip and lead and mix the new mixture vigorously for a few minutes. Some individuals vape their mixes straight away but I like to settle in for a few weeks, the process is called Steeping.

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Steeping your Juices

The steeping process is not mandatory but the steeping process gives the e-juices better taste. In this process, you leave the liquid in a cool and dark place leaving the cap off. It is also called slow steeping. It can take a few days or several months. It depends on an individual’s taste. Oxygen plays its role and makes the fluid highly volatile. Some people put bottles in warm water. The color is also changed due to oxidation. It may appear yellowish or even brown in color. The change of color indicates whether the juice is properly steeped or not.


The whole process of making vape juices in the UK can be time-consuming. You may not be successful in your first attempt. You may have to go with several trials to create a perfect e-juice. But once you create it you can easily replicate it. This process is budget-friendly but proper safety measures are very important before performing this whole procedure.

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