How To Make Vegetable s & Fruit Smoothies

Including fruits and vegetables in your daily diet, a healthy lifestyle means absorbing all those essential elements and achieving total well-being. A very tasty way to include them in your diet is to make smoothies.

This refreshing concoction is not only popular with adults, but also a big hit with children. It is a safe way for children to incorporate fruits and vegetables into their diet and to keep them healthy and strong, especially during their growing years.

Learning how to make vegetable & fruit smoothies gives you the benefit of knowing what is in them and definitely costs a lot less. Here are some tips to help you.

Original Smoothie Material

To make a great smoothie, ingredients include fruits, vegetables, yogurt, ice cream or sorbet, juice, and ice.

Prepare your fruits and vegetables

Remember that your fruits and vegetables should always be raw when preparing your smoothies. Always choose the freshly cooked products that you can make.

Look for fruits that have spots or are not ripe enough, vegetables that show signs of eruption, and vegetables that are tough. They will not be able to make good smoothies.

If your product is not grown organically, it is best to peel it to avoid any chemical residue that is usually found on your skin. Cut your fruits before placing them in your blender, to make them much easier to process.

Vegetable Fruit Smoothies
Vegetable Fruit Smoothies

Some fruit and vegetable tips

You can make a combination of fruits and vegetables with the best mixer grinder so that your smoothie tastes great. Try combining mangoes with pineapple and ice. They also go well with oranges.

Bananas and berries work well with some yogurt. Mix carrots, apples, and apple juice with ice to make a mixture of fruits and vegetables. Another combination of fruits and vegetables are tomatoes and peppers with apple juice and ice. Experiment with its ingredients and discover flavors you will enjoy.

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Add Your Smoothie

The first thing you should put in your blender is your fruits and vegetables. Make sure they are cut into small pieces. Follow this by adding your liquid ingredients.

Cover the lid on your blender and set it at high speed for about 30 seconds. Periodically check to make sure that any of your materials are trapped under the blender blade.

Use a spatula to scrape and mix again. Make sure your mixture is well mixed. Next, you can add two ice cubes at a time to open your blender lid on your ice.

Add your ice cubes only when you run your blender smoothly. If you notice that the consistency of your smoothie is very thin, just add more fruits, vegetables, and ice. To thicken a consistency, add more liquid to the smoothie.


Smoothie is simple and quick to prepare. You will definitely get some time in a day to prepare it and get a highly nutritious and delicious smoothie that the whole family will love. and I hope you enjoy How To Make Vegetable & Fruit Smoothies.

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