How to Make Your Passover Memorable and Less Stressful

When Passover approaching soon, then all Jews start cleaning their house and prepare for the Passover celebration. Jews have to thoroughly clean their house to get rid of chametz, do preparation for the seder, shopping for kosher food, etc.

It means that the Passover preparation is not as easy as pie. You need to put in a lot of effort and time. If you are afraid of Passover preparation, then you should read the following points and implement them to make your Pesach less stressful:

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1. Proper Planning

If you want to keep everything simple and smooth, then planning is very important. You should imagine that your house is a corporate company and you are the Managing director. You should consider the Passover celebration as a project.

2. Do Some Research

If you are planning to go to Dubai or some other country to celebrate Passover with friends and family then you need to do some research. There are some online websites that keep you updated about the running and upcoming passover programs so you should keep checking such websites. They will make your Passover successful as there are many Pesach programs and destinations listed on such websites.

2. Make Your Team

You should prepare your team for the Passover celebration. You should consider including your kids in this team. As you ate leading this team, therefore, you have to delegate jobs and regularly supervise their tasks. If you have a good budget, then we recommend you hire a cleaning professional.

3. Passover Cleaning

The Passover cleaning is completely different from the spring cleaning. During the Passover cleaning, just need to make sure that there is no chametz inside the house. When your entire family is helping you in doing Passover preparation, then it becomes easy to prepare your house for this celebration.

While doing Passover cleaning, you should make sure that there is a wide space where you can place the raw material for the preparation of kosher food. Make sure that this place is separate from other rooms of your house so that it does come into contact with chametz.  

4. Create A Shopping List

We recommend you prepare a complete shopping list before start heading to the supermarket. If you are on a tight budget, then you should prepare most kosher food at home. If you will purchase all packed kosher-certified items, then this Passover is going to be quite expensive for you. You can have seasonal fruits and vegetables during the time of Passover and they are easily available at affordable prices

5. Gradually Build Passover Collection

If you want to make your home completely kosher for the Passover, then you have to pack all other dishes and cookware. It is a time-consuming task and needs lots of effort. But it is not necessary to pack all the items in one go. You can slowly and gradually build your Passover collection. We recommend you start with few important items and add them on every year.

6. Make A List To Keep Things Simple

You should make a long list and write down and everything. You should also set reminders on your phone so that you do not forget anything. During the time of Passover, you have to manage various things simultaneously. Thus, making a big list is one of the best ways to keep everything simple.

7. Simple Passover

Not all Passovers need to be picture-perfect. You can keep everything simple and make your Passover preparation quite easier. Instead of decoration, you should pay attention to the new dish for Passover, if it gives you pleasure. If it is possible, you should start cooking in advance and put them inside the refrigerator.  

8. Have Fun and Create New Traditions

Earlier ways of celebrating Passover are boring. Though you need to follow the rituals, it is not necessary to celebrate Passover in boring. You can create new traditions and add fun to your Passover celebration. You can act while telling the story of Exodus.

This way of celebrating the Passover is new and amazing. When you will prepare an act for the story of Exodus, your guests will be amazed. This way of celebrating the Passover will help to keep kids engaged. You can also look out for various other creative ideas such as preparing new kosher food for Seder.

9. Make Another List

Once the Passover is over, you should make one more list. In this list, you should note down all important points. You should describe everything in detail what worked and what did not. For instance, if you have bought too much matzah, then write it down in this list.

These points will help in Passover preparation next year. This list will be quite helpful for you next year and you will be going to thank yourself.

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