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How to Prepare for an Entrance Exam After 12th?

So many students are confused about what to do after 12th standard. Even though they have an interest in a particular field they don’t know how to prepare for exams to pass. So don’t worry this blog helps you to study within the less time to enter into the good reputation colleges.

In this competitive world, there are many fields to enter but most of the students entering into courses like IIT-JEE, MBBS, BDS, etc., And preparing for the entrance exam from class 9.

But students are only eligible for writing entrance after completion of the 12th standard. If you want to prepare for the entrance exam then follow a few tips.

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Tips for preparing for an entrance exam:

  • Eligibility:

The eligibility for attending entrance exam is the student should qualify the 12th board exams, Age qualification, and physical attributes, etc.,

  • Syllabus:

There will be a different syllabus to prepare for a different course. So, go through the syllabus thoroughly.

Good Study Material:

Make a Study notes or if you have any study material go through it. If you don’t have any material take it from your seniors. And revise that weekly once so that you cannot forget the concept.

Study plan:

For every success story there will be planning, So make sure that your study plan consists of revision, mock test, Revising every subject, keep weekly targets to complete, and at the weekends make your self a question paper and check it by yourself.

  • Shortcuts:

while studying notes some keypoints. So that the notes will be useful to you when studying before exams.

Mock tests:

In online there are so many mock tests for one particular topic so, try to attempt those mock tests more and more and that makes you increase the speed of attempting questions and u get to know the logic of the questions to do within a short time. And in mock tests try to get maximum marks so, that you will qualify for the entrance exams.

Important topics and weak areas: Some topics contain more weightage, so work more on it. And if you are not that much clarity about a particular topic then also you practice more on it with the help of mock tests, study material, and with other sources.

Previous year question paper?

See the previous year question paper to know at what level you can solve the that if you are not good you can still have time to practice it.

Refer to Standard books:

Refer to the Standard books which you had already studied it at least ones. So that you can remember what you study overall years.

  • Questions:

While you are studying a question read it properly and understand it without any confusion.

Mentally to be strong:

Train your mind for the exam and don’t be too anxious about the exam if you do so you may forget what you study. And before going for an exam revise in your mind. And be conscious while studying question paper.

Method of Elimination:

Every time we do not get answers in the same way. One time we can solve questions directly, another time we may solve the question by eliminating options and in different methods to solve a question use those methods. So you can have time for other questions also.

Time Management:

This is the main key to success while studying and writing exams. While studying keep yourself a time limit to complete some topics, so that you can complete your syllabus fastly.

And while writing exams you keep a time per subject and for checking answers and filling answers also you keep time, keep time limit for each question so that you can able to answers questions within time. If you don’t get the answer for any question or if a question takes more time to solve then keep a question aside.

  • Shortcuts:

Try to learn shortcuts more and solve the questions in the short cut method. So that you can solve questions fastly.

Don’t waste time:

Don’t waste time every time by reading concepts, again and again, practice the problems also? By practicing problems also you can remember the concept. Try to increase the level of solving problems day by day. So that you can be eligible for the entrance exam.

Before attending the exam:

Before attending the exam don’t be panic, don’t study new topics, don’t hold your book and study until they allow to the exam hall, be relaxed, revise in your mind before the exam, be confident, see that you brought all the necessary gadgets like hall ticket, pens, etc., at home.

While writing the exam:

Read the question properly, and look at answers also, don’t be anxious if you don’t get the answer, check it your solution so that you can find a mistake easily, while marking the answer in OMR round it clearly and properly with the correct answer, and mark a small dot for your answer in the question paper so that you can answers after completion of the exam, try to complete.

After completion of the exam:

After completion of your exam try to check your answers by asking your faculty members for answers and check it with your answers.

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