How to Prevent Negative News Articles from Ruining Your Online Reputation

Online marketing is one of the most beneficial techniques to use in terms of branding. And in the online world, your name is everything for you.

Your brand’s name and its reputation matter a lot when it comes to marketing online. The more positive reviews or articles available under your brand’s search results, the better you do in the business. However, not everyone is nice and not everything goes smoothly.

How to Cope with Negative Press Online as a Small Business

Many small businesses rely heavily on online marketing. It is cheap, efficient, and less time-consuming. But one thing that makes it harder for small businesses to sustain online, in the long run, is negative news articles on Google.

Most businesses fall prey to online bullying or campaign of slander. As a result, their search results on the first page only show negative reviews. But how to get rid of those? Or, how to remove negative news articles from Google?

Ways to Get Rid of Or Remove Negative News Articles from Google

There are a few ways that you can use to prevent negative news articles from ruining your online reputation. Take a look –

  1. Take Help from Google

One of the most prominent and effective ways to remove negative news articles from Google is by ranking on the first page of Google as a business. You must improve your Google search result on the first page by adopting different measures. Do proper search engine optimization, create a Google My Business page, social media accounts, update your website, and take the help of content marketing. With enough work, you will be able to improve your search results.

  1. Basic Steps

If you are unable to improve your search results, there are a few other things that you can do. For example –

  • Buy Any Domain Names with Your Name

The truth is, Google loves domain names. Buy a domain name with your full name in it. Make sure that you use the full name, and not an abbreviation. For example, buy a domain name under and NOT

  • Build a Personal Website

Other than your business website, build a personal website and use the personal domain. Integrate the personal website with your business name/website and put as many relevant information as you can in the same. Optimize the website with the right SEO, and keep it updated. Build these personal websites or blogs on a platform like Tumblr. The more such websites you have is better. Put as many unique contents as you can.

  • Get on Big Social Media Platforms

Get on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Apart from that, based on your business niche, get on industry-specific social media platforms. For instance, if you are an architect, create a profile on Architizer, or if you are a designer, Dribble can help you out. Link all of your social media accounts and integrate them into your website.

It is easier for a small business to maintain an online reputation. All you have to do is to follow the above-mentioned steps.

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