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How To Save the Equipment During Power Training?

In this article, we will consider how to maximally reduce the risks of getting injuries when doing exercises. And also some exercise should be completely excluded and which of them can be changed, so that they would become more effective for muscles and safe for joints.

Co Streaming with a barbell

The first exercise, which I consider the most important for the development of the muscular mask, as well as the most dangerous if it is carried out incorrectly, is that it is loaded with a load. Most of the time, at home, they’ve been supported by a certain number of knuckles. Make sure you know how wrapping a sprained ankle works? These components are very difficult to build and very vulnerable to damage.

First, in order to perform this exercise, the knees should not go ahead at night. But while you are moving, you must provide a chair for which you are seated. This way, you will be allowed to proceed with the correct technical without leaving the knees forward.

Also, while lifting from the back to the endpoint of the amplitude of your knee, it should remain a little bent. If these two rules are not observed, then the stitched tissue in knee-wraps will be worn out gradually. Due to pressure and friction, clicks will appear in them, as well as pain during movement.

And of course, it may become a complete erasure of the cartilage and loss of mobility of the unit. And that would need to be cured by the operational interventions with a replaced body on the art. It is not possible for the cartilage to return to storage.

Also indicate the depth of the approach. We must go down before such a moment while your back remains straight. That is to say, it is necessary to complete the level when the hull is slightly lower than the parallel to the floor.

Various accesses in the Smith machine, as well as in similar exercise simulators, in which the movement pattern remains unchanged, should be turned off. For our units, such a physiological pathology is not available.

Craving, bench press, and French bench press

The next exercises will be different presses and bar rods. When you hold the bar, while doing the exercise between the hands, remain unchanged, so that your hand and the hand are slightly bent,

Most dangerous exercises with a barbell are pulling the bar for support, a bench press from behind the head and a French bench press with a barbell lying down or standing.

Further, I propose my options for performing these exercises, in order to reduce the risks of getting injuries when they are performed. Craving for fit is a basic and irreplaceable exercise for the middle bundles of deltoid muscles.

Therefore, in order to increase its efficiency, and also to reduce its load on the joints, it is necessary to carry out it with dumbbells, raising and lifting the elbows apart. However, do not lift the shoulder above the elbow.

The press from behind the head should be completely turned off. This exercise has no benefits before bench presses with dumbbells or bench presses. Then for the sleeve devices, it is a lot more dangerous.

That affects the French press, so I advise you to do it with dumbbells, only with a curved bar. So, as a direct stamp, it causes a strain in the bones and also supports a larger load of the elbow joint.

Do Exercise

Do exercises now. All trainers are designed for beginners or people with existing injuries. You can also use them at the end of the exercise to increase the volume of work performed. Therefore, in the exercise in no case can not use a large weight.

And with such exercises as:

  • Leg extension and bending
  • Hand light
  • Leg press

You need to be especially careful. And apply them only in the period of high-speed training with a small age.

Warm-up and stretching

Also, before any exercise is performed, the workout of those devices that will work in this exercise is necessary. The warm-up is simple rotations in the joints.

This is necessary so that, in the case of a jar, a large amount of synovial fluid is obtained, which is grease when rubbing each other with two different stumps.

And it takes place only a few times during the movement. After rotating movements, it is necessary to carry out several warm-up approaches with a small amount of time. And just then proceed to the implementation of working approaches.

Finish the same workout with the necessary stretching muscles, which have worked on it. Before exercise, the muscles are shortened, and so that they return to their original condition, it takes about 5-6 hours. This may have a negative effect on the stability of the joints, to which these muscles are secreted. Also, with violent training, the bundles surrounding the joints are ruined, which, over time, worsen their mobility and blood supply.

Regular stretching after training will help to avoid all of this. With the help of this, the muscles immediately return to their original length, the ligaments will not ruin and preserve their elasticity.

Useful for joints will be such additives as:

  • Flaxseed oil
  • Fish oil
  • Zhelatin

They contain fatty acids of OMEGA 3 and collagen. Short-cuts contribute to improved nutrition of the devices, and can also partially restore the damaged tissue.

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