How to Setup Wireless Network to Canon IJ Setup

To affirm that your printing device is adequately associated with your cordless framework, you can print the framework plans of your PC printer if you need:

1)Make Ensure that your printer is fired up.

2)Weight a sheet of A4 or letter-sized typical paper.

3) Press and contain the [Application/Cancel[MASTER] Picture_ Canon Pixma TS3170 Install framework Connection Setup Site stop button] button before posted warning [Professional] Picture_PIXMA Cellular Connection tabs 1_2 flashes on various occasions, and subsequently release it

The framework information site page will be engraved

While discussing the printout, be sure the “Affiliation” proposes “Dynamic” and that the SSID – Service set up Identifier (the name of your cordless framework) shows the right name of your cordless framework.

WPS Connection Method

Before we start, there are several conditions that must be met to have the alternative to use the WPS power button technique:

The passage ought to have a physical WPS push button available. You should guide with your contraption’s client control for nuances. If the WPS press button is difficult to reach please use the headings on the ordinary Connection Method tabs.

Your framework must use the WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Gain access to) or WPA2 security process. Most WPS connected with sections utilize this show.

Stage 1

Ensure that the printing contraption is fired up.

Press and contain the [Wi-Fi] button [Get better at] Picture_PIXMA Wi-fi Connection Wi-fi button at the most noteworthy purpose of the PC printer until the security posted warning contraption flashes once.

Stage 2

a) Ensure that the light establishment adjacent to the catch begins to show blue and subsequently go to your passageway and press the [WPS] button inside 2 minutes.

b) Unequivocal information on starting WPS on your passageway, if it’s not all that much difficulty cause reference to its buyer to oversee.

c) The (blue) Wi-Fi light mechanical assembly on the printing contraption will continue squinting while simultaneously looking, and the imperativeness and Wi-Fi light establishment will show when joining to the passageway.

d) When the PC printer has reasonably caused an association with your cell to mastermind, the imperativeness and Wi-Fi light establishment will stop squinting and stay lit.

Brief Steps To Download and Setup Canon

•You can download Canon products drivers from here or visit

•Enter The New model number.

•Run the downloaded file to start the installation process.

•Follow the instruction on your screen.

•When pressed, Put your model number.

•Complete the setup and restart your printer

Steps to Download, Install & ijsetup Canon at

Canon com ijsetup Help – Step-by-Step point for Canon Printer Setup – Download & complete installation from canon/ijsetup online. We are providing independent support service if in case you face problems to download setup or install Canon Printer Model.

When connecting a Canon printer to your computer, the system naturally doesn’t need to install a driver installed. Though, if it is an older system (such as the original Windows XP operating system and earlier), the computer may immobile require the driver installed before detect the linked printer. If the CD is no longer available, it is possible to install the Canon printer driver from another source.

Previous to you step ahead to install the driver software, confirm that you meet these conditions:

•If you are using the older version of Model Number else Driver on your system, either change it or reinstall it from the official website.

•In case you are operating another driver, first uninstall it and then install the newer version of Canon ij setup Driver. Go to the control panel else settings to uninstall another driver.

•Once make sure your system consists enough space to install the driver.

•Before you purchase canon ij setup first make it confirm that the driver supports to your system.

•If you are already a user of canon ij setup, you simply need to update it.

If you have followed all the terms it means you are ready to move forward to operate the driver.

Set up on Mac?

The way toward setting up the to the Mac is simpler than any time in recent memory. When it is appropriately introduced on Mac, clients can use it to make the vital settings. Additionally, on the off chance that you need to acquire more data about the IJ Canon Printer with Mac at that point, don’t hesitate to talk with our expert specialists.

1: Open the group utility.

2: Turn on the PC or PC for setting up the IJ Canon Set-up.

3: Build up the association between the PC/PC and printer.

4: Click the Apple menu and open applications.

5: Double snap on the printer arrangement utility to discover and open the printer list.

6: Choose your printer name and select the IJ Canon printer in the toolbar.

7: Click on the name of your printer and select the arrangement.

8: This apparatus is effectively propelled.

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