How to Split PST Files – Step by Step Guide

If you are facing corruption in your Outlook, then it is time for you to split PST files because the large PST file creates an issue and is unable to access. Therefore, to access those files, users are supposed to split them into small parts. The oversized PST file creates issues for users and affects Outlook’s performance. This is troublesome for business organizations as they have a lot of stuff to store in their Outlook PST.

Outlook is the talk of the town as most users rely on this emailing platform to store all the essential data. Users hold their contacts, emails, calendars, tasks and many more in this Outlook files. Now, to keep a record of it, one keeps storing the data without realizing the size of the PST file. There might be a time when users fail to access their data due to the oversize of the PST file. Due to this, users can face various issues with their data, so go through the blog and learn how to split PST file into smaller parts.

Why is it necessary to split the Outlook PST file?

Everybody uses Outlook to save their day-to-day material, and everyone trusts this platform and keeps their data protected. Users are asked to go through the reason before splitting their Outlook PST files. It has become mandatory for users to begin this splitting procedure to keep their files safe and secure. Here, we are sharing some benefits of splitting the PST files.

  • Users having large PST files can affect Outlook’s speed and performance.
  • It is easy for users to back up the small PST file, as with large PST files, it is difficult for them to up their data.
  • The small-size PST file is easy to share or transfer, so users wish to split PST files into smaller parts.
  • All the small, medium, and large enterprises will be able to manage their emails and other related items more efficiently.
  • Users might face data corruption with the oversized PST file, and the result can be that they will lose their crucial data and cannot access it.

What are the different approaches to split PST files?

Now that users are well aware of the advantages of splitting the Outlook PST files, they are eager to begin the procedure. The task is challenging to handle, but with a trustworthy solution, users can run it. The task can be performed manually or with a professional third-party tool, so users can choose the method they want to begin the task. The manual method is an old-school way of splitting the PST files. Most of the users depend on this approach only.

However, this method takes a lot of time to split PST file into smaller parts and requires vast technical knowledge. Since the professional tool was introduced, users have been inclined towards the professional tool. Professionally, the task will be completed successfully without taking much time, assuring users to keep their data protected. With experienced tools, users can run the task professionally without technical knowledge; anyone can run the task professionally. Different tools are available online, so users must be cautious when choosing the tool.

Split PST file into smaller parts with professional tools

If users want to begin this splitting process, they should rely on a trustworthy tool. Users will see various tools available online, but they need help choosing the correct tool for the task. Many tools offer a free service to users that can also harm users; therefore, we suggest users try the Weeom PST splitter tool for the task; users trust this utility. It is one of the finest tools to keep all the data safe and secure, and the user does not have to worry about their data. Before beginning the task with this tool, go through the below-mentioned turns.

  • This tool will effortlessly split PST file Outlook without consuming much time.
  • There are different options to split the Outlook PST files, like split by size, year, folder, and date.
  • This splitter tool can break the password-protected PST file as well.
  • The tool can split the file into multiple PST files.
  • It has a user-centric GUI that will make the whole procedure easy-going.
  • This utility is compatible with every Windows operating system and MS Outlook version.
  • After the procedure is completed, the tool will prepare the live report of the entire task.
  • The tool offers 100% security to user’s data.
  • The software will perfectly maintain the originality of the data.


Now that users are willing to Split PST files, they are asked to go with the utility mentioned above for the task. It is not easy to split numerous PST files, but this tool will make it accessible for the users. This utility provides a free trial version for users, so download it and experience the tool’s features in detail.

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