How to Sponsor Your Spouse to Canada?

Uniting with the spouse is a dream for many once they have settled in a foreign country. It will be a pleasant experience to be with your spouse in a developed, serene, and beautiful country like Canada. The Canadian government has laid down regulations regarding sponsorship. The clear and precise policy is intended for attracting competent foreign nationals to the country. Thereby, enhancing the productivity of the nation and augmenting economic growth.

The info about sponsorship formalities and prerequisites are discussed in the succeeding paragraphs. If you are aspiring to move to Canada or considering the possibilities, you will get an idea about the formalities necessary for the same.

Who is Authorized to Sponsor His or Her Spouse?

You must be eligible to sponsor your spouse to Canada. Please find the eligibility criteria to Sponsor Your Spouse to Canada:

  • The individual applying for sponsoring must be above 18 years of age, having Canadian citizenship, or permanent resident status. The process for obtaining either is unfussy. You may consult  Canada immigration consultants in Kerala or India for obtaining the details regarding the same.
  • You are not receiving any social assistance from the government or NGOs. However, this criterion is waived off in the case of disabled individuals.
  • Your monthly income must be above the low cut-off range fixed by the authority. This ensures that you are financially capable to feed and protect the spouse.
  • If you are sponsoring a new partner or spouse, there should be a minimum interval of three years between sponsoring the previous and the present ones.
  • You should not be a person subjected to bankruptcy.
  • The individual who has failed to pay alimony to the previous partner/ spouse is not eligible to sponsor a spouse.
  • You have repaid the immigration loan completely.

The country accepts only clean individuals. There are several other rules formulated for preventing criminals, frauds, and other miscreants from sponsoring their spouse. Therefore, the individual applying for sponsoring his or her spouse must not have any black mark in the official records. Else, the application will be rejected right away.

What is the Procedure of Sponsoring Your Spouse to Canada?

The Ministry of Immigration in Canada and the organization Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) are authorized to approve sponsorship requests to Canada. One of the good things that differentiate Canada from many other countries is that your partner’s or spouse’s gender doesn’t matter at all. The country has approved same-sex marriage. Hence, your spouse/ partner could be of the same gender.

The procedure for sponsoring your spouse to Canada is appended below:

  • Read the sponsorship guidelines, complete process, and other additional requirements from the Canadian government website.
  • Submit the applications for sponsorship and permanent resident status in Canada to IRCC. All the requisite documents proving your identity, resident status, relationship with the spouse, and documents confirming the spouse’s identity must be submitted along with the applications.
  • Pay the sponsorship fee
  • The Canadian citizen of Indian origin, sponsoring his or her spouse, can remain in India until the formalities of the spouse are completed.
  • A person with permanent resident status in Canada must continue in Canada while processing the sponsorship process of the spouse.
  • The sponsorship process in Canada is a time-consuming one. It may take around a year to complete the whole procedure.

Preparation of Sponsorship Agreement in Canada

You will be entering into an agreement with the Canadian government by submitting the application for sponsorship. The individual submitting the signed application is liable to abide by the regulations by the government.

The individual is obliged to:

  • Take care of the spouse financially for a period of three years from the date permanent resident status is approved to the spouse.
  • The sponsorship will continue even if you divorce your spouse after he or she enters Canada.
  • You must financially support the spouse even after he or she becomes a Canadian citizen.
  • Continue financial support during the worst financial condition as well

The Tail End

Canada is one of the few countries that welcome foreign citizens wholeheartedly. They welcome individuals with open hands and hearts. The country thrives on the shoulders of foreign skilled professionals, who have been strengthening the economy and carrying the country to prosperity.

You can complete the citizenship, as well as, sponsoring formalities without any complications. However, it will be great to have the support of an experienced immigration agency to assist you during the process. They will aid you in the quick completion of the procedure.

The professionals at the immigration agency or consultancy will handle the complete process on behalf of you. However, you must assign the job to a reputed immigration service firm only. Check their track record and authority before selecting the agency.

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